Masturbation sleeve

I have been thinking about getting a new sleeve and can’t make up my mind on what kind to get I want one that is kinda tight but and feels good any suggestions

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My current favourite is the Fleshlight Quickshot.

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Have you used any before that you did/didn’t like?

Are you after a stroker or a full realistic vagina like fleshlight?

@Wifelover96 what sleeve you looking to replace? :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a fleshlite but got tied of the breakdown and putting back together after every use plus it’s big and bulky

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My hand :rofl: currently don’t have any use to have some but over time they wear out or they rip or break

fair do’s :laughing:
Personally like the quick shot, not too fond of the realistic look discreet but I found that adding the shower mount & adapter. gives a different sensation

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This is one of the first strokers I used, quite tight on the side with the spikey bits, obviously far more basic than a fleshlight but gives great sensations and cleaning is so easy because you can just flip it inside out :smile_cat:

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That’s why I like the Quickshot. It’s compact and very easy to clean.


A good choice. Did you get it with the QS Launch or just by itself m8?

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I realise everyone’s different - I didn’t like the flesh light type strokers. This one however is awesome for me.

Admittedly it’s meant to be used during blowjobs, which sadly my OH doesn’t enjoy doing…but it feels awesome when she wants to give me a quick handjob, or if I’m on my own.

Just by itself. The launch is a bit pricey for me.

If it’s in you price range I would recommend the Tenga Fliphole range as they are very easy to clean vs fleshlight. I also found the Tenga sensations to be stronger and more pleasurable too as they have “three buttons” to change the “sucking” sensation. Happy choosing :grin:

@BLovesC I’ve only used that one for solo play and the great thing with them being so short is you don’t have to finish inside it so minimal clean up :+1::smile_cat:

On the pricey side, but have you looked into getting The Handy? I don’t think LH sell it yet, hopefully soon :crossed_fingers:, but it’s definitely worth a look

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