Masturbation Tips

Sooo... I’m single at the moment after a long relationship and just getting the hang of giving myself all the pleasure! I love rubbing my clit, and then penetrationwith a dildo or vibrator. Just wondering if any ladies out there had any brilliant tips or favourites that they do to themselves, that I can try? I find myself cumming too quickly just doing the same old thing but never really experienced sex out of a couple! Thanks

Not to steal the thread, of course!

What a brilliant question!

I will also follow this thread for some tips for solo orgasming. As Niki says, sometimes you just need new ideas and techniques for achieving such pleasure.

I get bored of doing it the same way too.

All I can suggest is that a 'clitoral' vibrator is amazing and then possibly use a 'g-spot' vibrator for the internal pleasure.

I use the 'Womaniser Starlet' and the 'Fifty Shades So Exquisite' g-spot vibe (which has been on offer for half price recently at £27.50!). It is excellent if you want to squirt!!

Hope this helps 'CurlyNiki' and thanks for addressing this issue. x 😉

Not sure you'd call it a tip but suction cup dildos can offer a lot of variety on how and where they be used. It opens up the options of riding it rather than using it by hand. A blindfold can add a different dimension to solo playtime and restraints can be used too (always leave your hands free to release yourself in a hurry though)

If you are willing anal play really opens up literally a 'hole' lot more fun!

I'm afraid I'm not good with manual stimulation so anything else would just be more toy recommendations from me, like emerald says the suction toys are fantastic or you can explore different materials if you haven't already, glass, and steel are amazing and gives you the opportunity to try temperature play.

Hope there are some ideas there.

Toy on clit always does it for me. Just bought a new 50 shades clit vib and it's amazing. 5 cums the other day

Have you tried rabbits? If you like clitoral stimulation and penetration they'll do it one go. I'm not sure if you've tried G-spot stimulation or not but that could be something for you to try, too.

I think this rabbit is great for blended orgasms as it stimulates your clitoris, G-spot and vagina at the same time: