Masturbation urge working from home

I've been working from home for 3 weeks now and finding my urge to masturbate has gone through the roof. Lunchtime and afternoons have become a regular time for a quick wank or a longer chance to use my dildo. I'm not complaining but I'm going to really need to stock up on batteries at this rate! Anyone else?


The demand for more orgasms happened to me when I was in my late 30. Unfortunately not at home.

That sounds interesting 4Uonly, so did you wank in public places?

I have been home working for may years and you need self discipline to make it work, set yourself work related targets and fun rewards for when you meet them. I actually took up running a few years ago to give me a new focus.

Its strange at the moment though as my OH is home working too and i find it really hard to focus while he is around.

MidsMikey wrote:

That sounds interesting 4Uonly, so did you wank in public places?

You are so cute. Of course not my dear and not in the present of my nurses too..... Argh....... Private cubicle called toilet.

I've gone the other way and not felt as horny as usual. In some ways not a bad thing as it's harder to find a bit of alone time.

Oh I know how you feel. Trying to wait until my working day is over.

Working from home with the girlfriend I had all these images that things would be amazing, no work would get done and we would laze around naked all the time. Reality..... I forgot about the kids and the fact they can't do anything fror themselves (though they are old enough) So much work to do for me and my partner Both in seperate rooms and taking it in turns to watch the kids We have had sex less since the lockdown that we did when we was both out working, I'm now masturbating a few times a day due to fustration that we are both here together but can't.

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Not masturbation, but I did wear my butt plugs more frequently than normal. Made working from home much more interesting with a gentle nudge against my prostate during the day.


I reckon I'm masterbating at least twice to 3 times a day. And that includes the session me and the Mrs have ;)

Whenever you feel the urge go for it! I do! Lol! But I am finding I am doing ot alot more atm also!

Me to x

I’m working from home too and I’m loving the fact I don’t have to get changed at my computer

Yep. Me too. Embrace it.

Bigtits69 wrote:

I’m working from home too and I’m loving the fact I don’t have to get changed at my computer

Ha! Zoom meetings must be interesting...

Both myself and my housemate have found ourselves doodling nudes during important zoom meetings! I am definitely masturbating more- and having the most intense sex dreams of my life. Woe betide any man who comes into my bedroom post lockdown, he is in for the ride of his life.

Yep. I mean what else is there to do.

We both find that we need a bit of solo play as a change. Being in lockdown has given up time to rediscover things we did before we were married such as me giving him a quick wank in the kitchen. Lol

Yeah they sure are but I put a top on if I know I have a call haha

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Same for me. My collection (and the size of the plugs!) has increased significantly since I started working from home at the start of the pandemic. I also find it quite exciting when I’m on a work call and knowing I have a plug in my ass and wondering which of my colleagues could be doing something similar :grinning: