Masturbation - what gets you off?

Porn (all sorts) and sometimes I get off thinking about past adventures

When solo it’s memories of sucking Thai “Gurl” cock.When mutual session with wife i love hearing her talk about sexual adventures with previous partners,ie the first time she let a guy piss all over her.Always gets me there.


When alone, i imagine my wife been taken by a younger man, whilst im tied up naked.

Occasionally, depending on mood, i also imagine i’m walking home late through the park. I walk into a group of 4 or 5 older teen boys (18-25). The force me onto my knees and make me suck them all off. This progresses onto them taking it in turns to f@&k me before they all finish on my face and down my throat.

My other go to fantasy is my best mate coming round. My wife and I are having a games night and he joins in. We end up where she is just in a thong and me and him naked, playing twister. She inevitably ends up bent over with him pressed up behind her and accidentally slipping his hardness into her, she then takes me into her mouth. This finishes with me up her ass and him up her vagina been DP’d.