.Hey everyone its my first time posting
I have a question i will like to asked.So here goes
I am 27yrs male also a virgin.I was very shy to speak of the topic when it brought up in my early teen but now I have somehow come out of my shell and is very avid about the subject and have no problem disclosing the subject .Even my female coworkers at work when we are out having lunch or just passing some time after work ,usually someone will bring up the topic and so we chanllege the stigma where by every one will be open about how they do it and why it feels good to them without any shame in the group.
The thing is i do not know if this is wrong or weird but i tend to get aroused by thought of our conversation being open to each other about our masturbation habits which i tend to use as a stimili when im self pleasuring.The thrill of knowing that my friends at work do it as well as myself admitting to it openly turn me on.
However there are times I feel so embarrased and shame at the thought that my female coworkers know I masturbate and they are probably thinking of me as a some sort sexual pervert.
How should I approached Such ways of feeling?
Thanx everyone for the comment
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When I worked in Saudi Arabia we had a saying "there are two types of men in the world wankers and liars" women know men masturbate just dont often talk about it

gunther wrote:

When I worked in Saudi Arabia we had a saying "there are two types of men in the world wankers and liars" women know men masturbate just dont often talk about it

The same is said for woman.

As I understand it not all women wife does very rarely she says it makes her feel lonely.

lots of different things turn people on.......and if chatting to your co-workers about their sexual mastubation habbits is one of them ....then why not get your kicks out of for talking about it to them.....then you have to decide wether you want to disclose that .....but also if they feel they can talk to you then there must be some sort of trust there....maybe see if you can single one of the co-workers out and get a feel of what/how they would react with out telling the whole group......Gunther...bit harsh on men ....not all of them fit either of them title's ........and as a women i love a good masturbation .....OH works away alot and need the release sometimes

hornyH wrote:

..Gunther...bit harsh on men ....not all of them fit either of them title's ........a

I dont know if you understood, it means that those who say they dont masturbate are lying. Since most men were on single status and between 25 and 35 yrs old its probably true

You sound like a completely normal human being to me! We all imagine things to get our kicks, from fantasising over someone we fancy to imagining our partners having orgasms to inventing elaborate fantasies in our heads. usually when we all fantasise, we think about someone else, someone who has sparked our sexual interest and that is simply what has happened to you. Most of us masturbate. There will be some who do not, but as a species, the percentages are leaning towards the 80% ish mark.

Hey, if I was at work with a group of sexy men and they were telling me how they masturbate and how it feels for them, you can bet your ass I will be imagining that later ;P

Sexual fantasies are private and masturbating is usually a bit taboo still to talk about and I do understand some people can feel strange about this. Some people, like yourself, are so polite that they almost see it as "rude" to be "using" the image of someone who has not consented to be in their fantasies, to get off with. However, it is harmless and normal and we allllllllll do it, or have done it, or will do it at some point in time. We are sexual beings at the end of the day.

Don't feel like a perv, enjoy your fantasies, they are yours and they are private and totally harmless as fantasies. I would advise caution if you are thinking about telling them you think about them, some people might feel awkward about that. Not because you are a perv but because they maybe do not think the same things of you, things could get weird at work, hope that makes sense. Thats up to you though.

Aside from that, don't feel guilty about your fantasies, enjoy them and yourself :D

I also think I may have misunderstood your post. Damn skim reading!

Do you think they are perverted for masturbating? You can bet they do not think of it that way. They seem open minded to discuss it and admit they do it. It would be rather two faced of them to say "yeh I masturbate but if you do it your a pervert"

How to approach these ways of thinking? Just remember you are completely and utterly normal and that if anyone shames you for enjoying pleasure or for being grown up enough to know your own body and what you desire and to enjoy sex and sexual pleasure then tell THEM to go have a wank...they prob need one, to lighten up like. hehe :P

There's nothing wrong getting turned on by a sexual topic it's natural and you men it's completely understanding , your not a pervert by getting turned on cause of female co workers masturbate. It's evolution of us all to get turned on sexually to anyone in a public place. Be who you are the co workers will know your a decent guy if you don't take physical action in front of them or to them so they will know and understand if you still feel uncomfortable talk to someone at work you can talk and trust so you can have someone in your shoes to help you.