I was wondering if you would think about adding a section titled 'natural'. Something like a category that you would find only 100% silicone, wood, steel, glass etc.

I think a lot of people don't realize chemicals certain materials hold in them and that even the FDA doesn't really monitor what's what. Which means certain products can be labelled 100% body safe, when in fact they are not.

Just a thought

You can already filter by material category squish c:
It's in the side bar, in a really bad drop down :')

People don't realize, but to be honest, terming products natural isn't the way to go about it.
People that do know will be safe, and some people will just think 'eh, it'll be okay'. You see it all the time with piercing, tattoos, and cosmetic surgery....
Equally, natural opens up the other end of unsafe products, with those that aren't properly treated, or made antimicrobial with safe chemicals etc.

There are also people that will just never pay for the slightly more expensive, but safer, sex toys.

We need a global sex toy council....