Me and partner

Can I I have suggestions please what other things me and miss can do we are so sexual we dress up we use toys we tie up tease bonding watch porn play games we make videos

Get an app called Spicer, there are tons of “cards” that users submit and you can link your accounts to each “yes” or “no” the activities, building a to do list, it helped me and the OH not only learn what can be done but also establish what we’d both be okay with trying.


The spicer app is a great suggestion, I feel you should try doing a sex list similar to a Christmas list. You both make a physical list of things you would like to try and then go through them one by one.

Have you tried temperature play? So using ice cubes etc?

Have you tried switching roles so the usual dominate person becomes submissive for a fun session?

Have you tried other kinks such as water sports and anal play?

Sex is meant to be an adventure and fun, plenty of experimentation needs to do be done!



Good idea!

It would benefit those who find it difficult to open up to their partners about their sexual preferences / dislikes, or embarrassed to discuss.

Does anyone know if a list of activities is available to download and printed out?

It would be great if there was such a list that was incorporated into a chart with columns headed:

Very Happy With
Would Consider Trying
Definitely Not

Each pertinent could add items / activities they’d thought off but not listed.


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Theres a quiz called Carnal Calibration that will give you different levels of ‘intensity’. You complete the quiz separately, and then choose to either see all of each others responses or just the ones you match on. And you can choose your level of interest in each activity. This would give you a list of things to discuss and try out.

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This is excellent.

Thank you for posting the link.

I’m sure there will be many Forum members who’ll find this questionnaire very helpful.



I think you should both consider buying a dog. This will get you out of the house and get you more exercise. (sorry only joking). I don’t know what to suggest but good luck.

@leebrookes763 - have you tried pegging - it’s great fun as role reversal and me and my husband cannot get enough

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I have to ageee on pegging. Try it, we both love it.