Media Request - an exciting opportunity with Lovehoney

Morning all,

I have a request/opportunity from Lovehoney, for those who do not mind their identity being known:

"Lovehoney is looking for new recruits to test our fantastic range of sex toys. All the successful applicants will be given £100 worth of free sex toys so that they are familiar with our products.

We want you to tell the world about our brilliant products in newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and online. We will help set up media opportunities for you and each time you appear in a piece set up by us where is mentioned, we will pay you £100.

So you can earn good money, improve your sex life and get famous – all at the same time!

We are looking for confident, outgoing people who are good talkers and are not afraid to reveal details of their sex life to a big audience. Couples are welcome to apply together.

Please apply with a picture and CV to

You must be over 18 and you must be prepared to do media on behalf of Lovehoney at short notice. You can be a current Lovehoney reviewer. All interviews will include your full name and picture."

Is this offer for UK only?

menyanthe wrote:

Is this offer for UK only?

Yep - we're looking for people based in the UK & Ireland. Sorry if that excludes you!

ohh i''d love this!

ooo me too, and i think the hubby will be up for it too!! x

I think we'd both love to go for this opportunity, but would be incredibly wary about doing anything too public as I'm just starting my career as a teacher, and my partner is following a similar path herself. So although it would be absolutely fantsatic and we would love to give it a go, I honestly don't think we could risk it. Definitely a shame, but good luck to people going for it!

Hi, is this open to single people too? Also will you just pick the toys or can we help chose? X

single or couples and I think lh will give you what you get basically

Have emailed :)

Alice £100 to appear on T.V. divulging intimate details of your sex life??????

That would only appeal to exhibitionists, I wouldn't believe a word they said.

Not TV, media as in magazines, it's a lot more than a magazine would pay, be lucky if you get £25 these days lol

sorry meant to say not just tv, i am sure you can pick and choose what you would like to go on

Fantastic opportunity for the right people. I have applied and have crossed all crossable bits!

I've applied too! Biting my nails, until there's a response lol

I am excluded, because I am outside Uk/Ireland, plus I am an academic, which basically shuts me off these, simply because my university would not tolerate it from one of their student staffs.

But good luck to those who applied

This seems like it would be great fun to do, just wish I wasn't so shy!

This sounds fantastic but not for me (job restrictions). Wishing luck to everyone (Y)

hi can u tell me what sort of tv appeanaces these may involve

you'd be best off emailing lh.

Thanks to all who have replied so far!