Melted toys

So we opened our toy box the other night, (it’s been about a month or so since we last opened it, lots going on to get in the way) only to find that 3 of the wife’s favourite toys had sort of melted in areas. All were LH, her G tickler, G-kiss flutter and bang bang bunny. Has anyone experienced similar? (I know it’ll be different materials coming into contact with each other) but has anyone narrowed it down? I’ve ordered some storage bags to keep them separated now and had to order replacements, you’re welcome LH! Suffice to say she was none to happy when she opened the box looking forward to some fun to find a little bit of a sticky mess.

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Silicone toys can stick to each other and to other plastics so I store mine in poly bags or separated physically from each other.


TPE, TPR, PVC, jelly, and the like don’t like getting friendly with other toys so should be kept separated.

Silicone is fine with other silicone toys unless you have something that is extremely soft (and the toy will have been specifically marketed as a super soft shore so most toys won’t be).


I wasn’t aware of this problem! Ours are all in a big box too, looks like I will invest in some bags too

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Jelly toys can degrade and become one with each other if they are stored together. There was a guide on how to store toys but I can’t find it just now, you could try searching the forums as I’m sure it’ll be in there somewhere.
Its a shame but now you can get some new toys so there is a positive! I think its you that is welcome lol

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My jelly strokers weren’t touching but cracks have appeared in them. Customer support say it could have been due to washing them with hand wash so I’ve ordered some toy cleaner for the replacements. :crying_cat_face:

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Woah!! Never knew mixing certain toy materials would have that effect to this extreme extent :scream:
Kinda now makes me wonder if it’s ever harmful to have such toys inside our bodies… :thinking: