Members profiles

I was doing a search on a member who i think is on here but they wanted to add me to twitter.

I have searched for their name and found that one, their name doesnt exist (they may be using another name) and two, there seems to be little or no members showing on the search for members.

There used to be 100's of females and males probably thousands who had profiles but now there are 19 females and 12 males and no matter if i search for `activity in the last week' or `all activies' or by male or female the number remains the same. Could someone help and check on members profiles and confirm if i am going mad or if there is a glitch? thanks in advance

Either the search function is messed up or there has been a massive cull.

If you go to page 2 of the member list the tag in the top left corner says something about members->Browsing... so maybe it's only pulling in the members that are currently on line. Can't see my profile in the search though even though I'm still here.

no, its not just you. strange. it must just be members online or something cos i did a little search and those of my friends online appeard and those not didnt. might do a check with myself with going on and of line.

tryu mentioning in the glitches thread

Yep, the left hand sie search function doesnt seem to be working properly using Firefox. Have you tried with other browsers as it might just be the site not being optimised for all browsers?

im in chrome and i get 56 female 47 male

i do appear in the list though.

sweetlove666 wrote:

im in chrome and i get 56 female 47 male

i do appear in the list though.

Me too - both chrome and firefox,

I think it's just showing people who have been active a certain amount the last week, rather than a cull, as there still seems to be some profiles which aren't on the list =)

59 F and 48 M here, just checked the dreaded IE as well. Strange that when you change the search to all activity it doesn't seem to update the results :S

it is strange i just had a look i had 65 female and 45 male i did a search for the most overall activity and found it strange that AD and wanda wearn't on the list