Men and shaving..

Hey all,

I've got a slight problem, and need some help/advice.

I love licking my OH all over, and I would really like to give his balls some good attention- The only downside to this is that.. Well, he doesn't shave, trim, etc anything down there, so unfortunately.. It's a jungle.

I've already suggested once or twice that he should try shaving or trimming down there, because while I do love giving head, I certainly dislike having to pull out long hairs from my mouth during/after.

He seems convinced that giving himself a good haircut down there would be 'something that only gay men do'.

Please, give me some advice!

I have no idea, and I would only see it as fair since he enjoys me shaving as well.

Think Ill have to try to *gasp* nag at him endlessly!

Tell him gay men love men with big hairy bollocks too! Which they do of course. Just tell him you won't be giving any blowjobs out till he does! I'm shaving mine right now in work! :-p

... Since I enjoy giving blowjobs, and can barely resist doing it I don't think thats going to work

Hahaha, maybe :) But he's the dominant one when it comes to sex soooo.. I wouldn't be that suprised if he just refuses and tells me to get on my knees instead!

Worth a try though, for next week however- He's coming to my house for the first time since I moved and I want him to like it here ;)

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

You could be cheeky and not shave yourself and demand him to give you oral?

I was going to suggest just that, sauce for the goose ;)

Lol I'd say gay men also enjoy wearing trousers, eating chips and getting sucked off... it's the fancying/fucking other men than makes them gay nothing else

I wouldn't know having not looked at too many mens bits (gay or otherwise) so I don't actually know if his assertion is true. However, I'd also be inclined to point out to him that if gay men do it more it's probably because they'd both understand that licking a scratchy man-jungle isn't much fun and would therefore be more considerate of each other!


I'm with the withold blowjobs until he acquieses. My OH is referred to among friends as 'man', not a man but the personification of , thus by association they gain the man points generated, goodness knows why, he's the one that arranges flowers when I'm given them. He shaves them frequently and always keeps them trimmed of own accord. Looks like a viking, nearly 17st of solid muscle and completely straight. If he didn't I'd do different sexual things with him. No blowjobs

And surely not SG, shaving in work?!

Noon wrote:

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

You could be cheeky and not shave yourself and demand him to give you oral?

I was going to suggest just that, sauce for the goose ;)


Fair point KP

Ohh making progress though- chatting on MSN with him right now and after promising to give him a very through licking if he would trim down, he said he'd think about it!

And since he normally brushes me off, this is a good step forward

Oh yeah Rowan! I often shave my testicle (lost one in a biking accident! oof!) at my desk in work hours. Nobody has ever said I can't! :-p SG x Seriously I've seen lads trim their pubes in our work showers and had murders with them over it. Not on at all. Rogue pubes in the work communal showers. . . I don't think so boys!

Rogue pubes over your desk.. Not something your boss enjoys should he/she inspect it xD

Communal shower shaving is not on! a few years ago I was often on the cleaning staff 'team' and quite literally cleaned about 30 odd showers a day and you could tell in some that people had been shaving, Not a task I miss!

You could just tell him to stop being so gay and thinking only gay people shave their balls...

Make a game of it and shave it for him might turn him on.

Would you trust a woman with PMT to have a go at you balls with a razor?

I second the "do it for him" suggestion.

From a straight married guy with shaved balls!

Haha, it's all fixed anyways, after promising him a good licking, and threatening not to shave - He shaved today as a matter of fact, but needs more practice with it- He said he got some cuts.

Oh well, Ill kiss them better for him *nod*

Thanks for the advice all!



My OH tried shaving but didnt get on with it. He now just trimms. Personally I prefer to shave as it makes it easier and once you get past the itching your fine.