Men mostly orgasam and cum at the same time,So if i orgasam while im out i feel a bit dirty-pervy, Women can orgasam without making to much mess do you feel pervy at times or is it nothing to you


Yep its a long thread title but i thought i would get it all in....

When ive worn toys that i can wear out doing daily things,and i orgasam i do feel a bit pervy,sometimes i feel i need to get my underwear changed straight away.

Its the cum mess issue that sometimes makes me feel a bit dirty-pervy,if i could manage to orgasam without cumming and making a mess,then i dont think i would really have those thoughts

There has been times when i have orgasamed and not cum,but thats been at home

Maybe im wrong about you women,do you get messy in your underwear and feel the need to change? do you feel a bit dirty-pervy?

I have thought about putting some tissue (or simular) in my underwear so when i cum it should go in the paper then all i have to do is take the tissue out and i can go and do what ever without feeling i need to change.

no offence mate, but you've got waaaaay too much time on your hands. i'm opened-minded, but if someone i had to deal with in my daily life was secretly mastubating while i was talking to him, i'd be sickened. and i think when you get past 3 years old, having to change your underwear because you 'made a mess' is more than a bit disturbing.

I really hate people who comment like this:

I never asked for anyyones approval

Fine if you think Ewwwww but please dont leave any comments

So would you be saying the same thing if it was a woman wearing a toy and getting sticker in her underwear i doubt it??

And you make it sound like i do this everyday errr No i hardly have spare time

Yes i had thought of a condom but i dodn't thing of the cock ring could well work lol.

Now the Panty Liner not so bizarre as i had thought of that aswell but im a bit Err well unsure as im a bloke

Thanks Happycamper

hehehe.. ive gone for a drive with my latest toy (the Rude Boy, just in case anyone was wondering) going (pants on of course... im not that weird :P). But I figured that given what usually happens with P-Spot stimulation, I just slipped on a condom beforehand. Makes cleaning up easy.

Maybe you should get some rubber undies jezzer ;-) he he or am I just being too kinky here? ;-)

As to your question, I don't have a problem as I don't normally wear undies :-P

Mmmmm i think Miss Kitty is being kinky when i hear rubber undies all sort of things pops up in my mind lol

So you dont wear undies now that would be a big mistake if i didn't wear any if i was wearing my toy

*watches jezzers white snail trail* lol

Very true about the white trail lol

Apparently there is a male "pil" in production, which stops ejaculation (whilst still allowing orgasm) so maybe that's your answer!

I read in in Men's Health a few months ago, not sure how true it is though! They said they were still testing it on monkeys...wonder how they test it.....

Yes we certainly do hun xxxxx

Anything turn up at Easter Happycamper ??? Grrrrr

Wow- Jezzer makes nig titles...

*insert compensating for something joke, used purely for comic effect, not to cause offense*