Men thongs

My 11 year old son looks just like a girl and people always mistake him for a girl and then when I correct them they get so apologetic like being a girl is in some way an insult. Likewise, if you wear thongs and people think you are gay, there’s nothing wrong with being gay :man_shrugging: life would be so much nicer if people were kind to each other. You be you and be proud of that :blush:


I’ve been wearing thongs for about 3 or 4 years now and actually prefer them. I don’t really like shorts or bigger underwear and had thought about trying a thong but was too apprehensive to get one until my girlfriend suggested I try one. I find them more comfortable and wear them most days but will wear something else if I know I will be getting changed in front of others in the gym or something.


I wear them most days and have done since my mid 20s. They’re so much more comfortable for me personally.

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