What’s peoples sex life like going through menopause I’m so horny all the time but so sweaty I don’t feel sexy


Well…that is a different description. My wife has unfortunately shut down and lost all interest. I would like her to get a little sweaty to be honest.

Honestly the sweats are unbearable so we might as well do something to make it worth it I’m doing things Iwouldnt of dreamed of before. I think my body is trying to grow old gracefully but I’m being disgraceful :exploding_head:

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Many only relate to big body changes during puberty, but there is a similar change later in life called Menopause that can be good or really mess things up.

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Aww I’m really messed up :woman_facepalming:

Ah-ah… you just have your own thing going on.

Ha ha yea I’m hot and sweaty and need pleasing all the time my partner teases me but it’s so frustrating

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My wife has been suffering for many years, the hot sweat’s have been really bad and sex drive none existent. I try to support her as much as possible. @Izzy76

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Hey @Izzy76 - have you tried taking anything for the sweats? My OH is going through this, as are a few of her friends and some have been taking herbal supplements which have helped with their sweats. My OH thankfully doesn’t seem to be suffering too bad from the sweats, although she is running hotter than she used to (she was always a person with multiple duvets on the bed) but now needs less. However her sex drive, like others on here has taken a dive.

All we can do is try and support you guys the best we can during these changes…its tough…but you can make it through i’m sure. I certainly wouldn’t be worried about my OH being sweaty and wanting to jump me!

As someone who started going through the menopause a few years ago and had no idea and thought I was going mad - please don’t ‘endure’ it and hope you come out the other side in one piece.

Suicide is at its highest in women aged 51 - the typical age for menopause.

Research shows that if we can replace the 3 hormones that our bodies slowly stop producing we can halt / slow down many longer term issues. But it is a personal choice.

I suffered from horrendous night hot flashes which I didn’t know are different to a hot flush. I felt like I had a blow torch under the skin of my back and then 2 mins I’d be shivering. Wrecked my sleep and my sex drive vanished.

HRT has saved me, my marriage and my sex drive which is better than it’s ever been :fire: