Men's Underwear

I’ve just been browsing the men’s underwear and I have a question for you all… What underwear is the sexiest on a man?

I have a few pairs of boxer Briefs from LH and other places and I think these make me feel the best rather than things like a thong or a posing pouch lol!

I know there are the usual boxers, briefs, trunks etc, but. What do you think is the sexiest underwear a man can wear?


I figure if it hasn’t got holes then I’m in on the right track


For me personally I like a nice pair of tight fitted boxer briefs so that they don’t leave much for the imagination when he’s turned on. But, everybody is different and hopefully you’ll get a few opinions and you can try a bit if everything and see what makes you feel good.


Honestly everyone is going to have their own preference on whats sexy, as there’s no universal this is for sure the sexiest.

For me I find almost anything sexy on a guy that I like especially if he likes it and feels sexy in it. Confidence is a big turn on. Overall I do tend to especially enjoy lace briefs(the the ones lovehoney selfs and thongs on guys.


I usually wear the longer legged boxers, that are tight fitting, not quite cycle shirts, but that style. Find them very very comfortable. They also don’t hide anything!!
Though have been known to wear thong and jocks, as there is a time and place for them as well, as they can be quite sexy and revealing and fun.
As others have said depends on preferences, but everyday wear it comfort is the key, followed by looks… for sexiness, its what the mood takes me . :heart_eyes::star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

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I would say whatever he likes and is comfortable in. Personally I like tight fitted underwear on him so I can see the goods and these can be longer shorts to smaller undies, like briefs or thongs. They key is they are tighter fitting and clinging type material like lycra or something.

He says he generally used to wear shorts when he was younger but also started to wear a thong and preferred them. He has various styles in his undies drawer now but most of the time he wears a thong.


I do like wearing briefs, find them a turn on to wear but mostly I wear boxers - have quite a few different pairs. Find the seamless ones the most comfortable if at work.

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As others have pointed out, it really comes down to personal preference.

Personally I don’t find regular male underwear sexy. It’s just an item of clothing that simply is there.

However, I do like some of the male underwear here on LH, for example:
Svenjoyment Wet Look Cut-Out Boxers with Suspenders
Male Power Liquid Onyx PU-Coated Pouch Short
LHM All Over Lace Open Front and Back Boxer Shorts
Svenjoyment Wet Look Zip Front Enhancement Boxers
LHM Lace Thong for Men (I know you said no thongs, but these are bomb!)

What I find the most sexy though is women’s lingerie on men. Open-crotch underwear can be a good choice if the slit is high enough. Otherwise I go for stretchy fabrics that can accommodate a small ‘‘package’’ :wink:
Cottelli Double Pearl Crotchless Briefs
Rubber Girl Latex Spanking Knickers
Lovehoney Black High-Waisted Fishnet Thong
Coquette Darque Plus Size Wet Look and Lace Hot Pants


Well its your personal choice which underwear you like and in which you feel sexy. I love to read or written about the mens lingerie’s because I wear the lace underwear without any worries. These Underwear style are comfortable as well.
I will share some thoughts here so you can read and feel free when you wear your favorite underwear styles.

Hope you like my response


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These two pairs are really nice, I’d love to have some of these. Might even treat myself to some soon.

I might even try these for my OH too.


I like a man in tight trunk fit boxers especially if there’s a visible growing arousal going on in there…:crazy_face:


I normally wear thongs or jockstraps on a daily basis. The LHM range are very good and I am looking to invest in more.

I tend to avoid trunks/boxers as I normally end up with the fabric bunching up and causing discomfort.

I wear boxers during the week and weekends but if I feel daring I might put a thong or jock on.

It’s down to personal preference really, I’ve always worn CK boxers I love the fit & feel of them, I’ve tried the whole snug fitting but I like to feel free, not restricted.