Menstrual cup advice please

I’m not too sure if this is the right topic as it isn’t really sex or sex toy related

So I got my first Salt Soft cup back in 2019 and I have recently decided to get a replacement cup(s). I decided to get another Salt Soft but in a different colour and a regular salt cup which is more firm than the salt soft cup. The reason why I’m writing is, I’m not sure if I did this too soon? There’s a lot of mixed information out there. One company says to change them every year, some say 2 to 3 years and some say 5 plus years. Personally, after almost 3 years of having my first cup, I’m starting to feel a bit “icky” if that makes sense? It’s all stained, the cup doesn’t feel as solid or as thick as it used to and it has developed a slight smell. I also took a break from it for 6 months and it was collecting dust. I switched back after figuring out tampons weren’t for me and I can’t stand pads. On my last cycle, I also stupidly lost my cup bag for my old Salt Soft cup and I don’t know where it is and I don’t really want to spend money on just a bag to put my gross old cup in to. Another thing is, I think my kegals are too much for the Salt Soft cup? When I do any type of exercise like running, it just pops out and I know it is in correctly as it is all the way open inside me. I can do every day activities like walking and it stays in. If this is the case, I’ll use the salt soft for nights and the original Salt cup in the day. This is why I also got the original Salt Cup as it is much firmer. Am I overreacting or was it the right time to buy another one (or two)?

Also sorry about the ramble and the long and possibly hard to read paragraph.


I’d say it’s the right place, it’s a silicone product sold here next to the dildos :laughing: pop the cup in some dilute hydrogen peroxide for at least 20 mins and see if you feel better about it after that, it cleans them right up. Toothpicks to clean the airholes first helps a lot so the hydrogen peroxide can get in. Soft cups pop out the bottom for me, my cervix is too low but the more standard ones fit great. I’ve had mine about 10 years now.

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Having a penis and no menstrual cycle, I don’t have first hand experience with any of these different products. I have a fairly basic knowledge of what they all are and what they do.

What I would say is that it’s you using the products. It’s your body they’re going into. You know how you feel when you look at it or touch it or use it. I think you should probably replace them whenever you feel like it’s becoming uncomfortable using it. It should be making your life easier, certainly not making you feel icky or gross or anything else like that.

I wouldn’t bother too much about how long the package says it can last or what you read online. Maybe they’re comfortable using it for a longer period of time and that’s fine too. Everyone’s different. I don’t think anyone has the right to tell you you’re wrong about how you feel or when you choose to replace them.

I am eyeing up at the moment to have as backup though even though mine’s really similar and still great. I normally only wash it with sex toy cleaner but it does gradually stain up and then I leave it to soak in peroxide. I don’t think they should be used before a good clean if they smell at all.

I’m also a menstrual cup user and not a fan of tampons and pads. I use cloth pads (pantyliner size) in combination with my cup for my heavier flow days just to be safe.

I think it depends on how well you take care of and clean the cup (and the air holes) between uses. The cup I use is supposed to be cleaned with the cleaner between each use and boiled for 20 minutes between each cycle.

Here’s what their website says about odors and stains: If there’s an odor, you can soak it for an hour in hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, or lemon juice, and then boil the cup for 20 minutes after you soak it to remove any residue. If your cup is already stained, let it sit under the sun for a couple hours, or soak it in spirit vinegar or lemon juice and boil it for 20 minutes.

I used my first cup for 4 years, and then the staining started to bother me, so I bought a new cup. Even though it would’ve been ok to keep using the stained cup, I just wanted to freshen things up with a new cup and choose a different color. So if the one you’re using makes you feel icky, even if the cup is still usable, you might be happier if you get a new one. And there’s nothing wrong with having more than one at a time if you want to change colors. I have a purple cup and a blue cup that I switch between depending on the mood I’m in :drop_of_blood::purple_heart::blue_heart:

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