Merry Christmas Morning!

Good morning and Merry Christmas! It's time for that thread.

For those who don't know, we do a super special secret sale that we only tell forum members about. It's a way of saying thank you for being so loyal and lovely throughout the year. This year we're knocking 40% off toys that are otherwise very rarely discounted.

Here's the all-important link:

The offer will run till midnight, but stock is limited.

Please note: the discount will show in your basket!

Good morning Alice and Merry Christmas to you

Merry Christmas everyone :-)

Merry Christmas ;)

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Alice :-)

I always come on here every Christmas morning to check this out. There's nothing that takes my fancy this year though, which is probably for the best as I'm already skint!

Thank you for the tester you sent yesterday though Alice, it made my Christmas :D

Merry Christmas Alice and everyone at Lovehoney! And to everyone here on the forum, hope you all have an amazing day. xxx

There's nothing I'd need that's on offer but I'm sure loads of people will be pleased with it :)

Thank-you Alice! That has made my christmas. Got the rabbit and we-vibe

Went for the Tenga as well, couldn't resist!

I got them seperately but is there any chance they can be combined for the special delivery? Would be very much appreciated

Merry Christmas, to Alice & all at LH...!

I probably won't buy anything this year - but having got 2 great toys in the last 2 years (first the FunFactory Cobra Libre and last year the FF Delight), I really don't mind so much..... :-)

Nice going Alice! Sadly all the toys are a bit out of my price range, would of loved to try the tenga but great deals nonetheless :)

Merry Christmas one and all

Merry Christmas all, nothing that takes my fancy but as others have said some nice bargains to be had. Now to find something else to buy with the money I had to spend this morning :p

Merry Christmas Everyone



I tried to be strong but i couldnt help myself, i just brought the rabbit :P

With £20 off i couldnt not really



Happy Christmas! Remember discount shows in your basket!


Happy rabbit or not happy rabbit.......bad christmas influencing my choices!

Merry christmas to all the forumites and staff xxxx

Happy Christmas everyone! Remember, discount is shown in your basket!

Happy Christmas everyone. The stuff in the secret sale is way out of my price range, just need to decide if I get DOTD. I tried to swear off toys about a month ago but am struggling with that!

Happy Christmas Alice and everyone at lovehoney. I hope you all have a great day!