Messy Bed

Sorry to be a bore and look at the practical side but when we play around the bed ends up SOAKING! It really puts me off. Does anybody have any top tips to protect our poor mattress? Thank you x

Simple solution to that is buying a waterproof sheet like this one :) x

Picnic blanket. Pop it in the machine when you're done.

I've heard the likes of puppy pads and Terry towlies are good if we're talking lots of mess. Failing that, have your fun on MrAngell's side and let him sleep in it 😉

You could lay down a shower curtain? just an idea haha xx

You could also maybe lay down a couple of thick bath towels and just wash them afterwards? xx

Thanks that sheet looks perfect. I just get fed up with washing sheets etc!

Have to admit the first time I saw the bed sheet I thought it was a strange thing for someone to want. Didn't interest me at all. Now I have found that mysterious g-spot I wish I had one! It may not be aesthetically pleasing to me but it is practical.

Until I manage to save the pennies we set up our own mattress/sheet protector. We put down a standard bedwetting style protector on top of our regular sheet and cover it with another sheet. We tried using just towels and puppy pads but it felt sooooo unsexy. Felt more like we were just getting a job done. It does mean we need to wash the top sheet but we are in the midst of wonderful drying weather!

You can buy washable or disposable bed protectors places like Boots sell them they don't look sexy but they will prevent your bed from ending up soaked