Migrains and Sex

Quick Question, has anyone had a migrain start during sex? Last night during our session, I started to get a horrid headache, which has only subsided a hour or so ago. I have never had to ever ask the OH to stop due to my head hurting and I wasn't that impressed I had to. Problem being, it went every time I came!

Anyone else experienced this? Thoughts?

My wife gets a splitting headache when she has an orgasm,it only lasts about 15 minutes though.

I had used to get them every time I orgasmed, not even from sex, would be intense pain for atleast 2 hours afterwards and then would fade. I went to the doctors about it and standard protocall they sent me to a and e. There are two main diagnosis. One is a very common condition where the blood pressure build up in the head from orgasms gives you the headache, the other is more serious and could be caused by a haemorage in the brain. I was in hospital for two days, had multiple blood tests, a CT scan and a lumber puncture, everything came back fine, but it was probably worth the check. After a month the headaches stopped and I no longer get them. Though I did refrain from sex during this period. Usually they come and go over a few weeks or months at a time. I would check it out though, just in case!

Best wishes :) DS

Hey Avrielle,

It seems to have started after a very rampat sex filled weekend, Im wondering if its dehydration from squirting plus edging and lots of orgasms! I start the new Meds tomorrow!

Its dulled down quite a bit but still sore behind one eye. I'm sleeping it off. I also agree about water, I drank way less than usual yesterday.

May be worth asking the doctor when I go for my checkup.

Last night it was horrible, today its a dull pain. Barely been on comp except to email a few things into work.

Going to sleep some more now:D

I suffer from migraines and I have found that even at the time the thought of sex just seems like a lot of effort, it actually helps a lot in the end, especially at climax! It is weird but definately a cure for the horrible pains of a migraine!

totally agree, it was more the pain after.


This page dicusses the symptoms I suffer from :).

Totally agreeing with AA here. (Incidentally, AA, have you ever looked into Cluster Headaches/Migranous Neuralgia? I'm a sufferer, and you just described one of my attacks.. although I appreciate migraines are relatively similar). Migraines aren't a severe headache, they're a neurological condition that incorporates terrible head pain as a symptom. If you're getting a migraine after sex, I'd seriously suggest seeing a GP because it's definitely worth getting checked out. Post-orgasm headaches are quite normal in women (boo!) but not so much post-orgasm migraines. x