Mini wand - really loud!!

Hi guys,

So I tried out my new mini wand the other night for the first time.

I found the switch really stiff to turn it on which I thought was odd. The lower setting was fine as I had expected... but the high setting sounded ridiculous like a really noisy set of clippers!

Is anyone else's like this or is mine faulty? Wanted to double check before I return x

Hey Scarlett, we have the mini wand and the really small one and neither sound anything louder than a hum. If the wheel to speed things up is super stiff too then I'd suggest trying to get a replacement. Could be you have one with a dodgy mechanism.

I’ve had so many products that do this it’s all to do with loose bits and bobs in the toy you’ll need a replacement

Agreed with above, it sounds like there's something loose/not right. Would send it back for the returns team to have a look at and get a replacement x

Thank you all.

Spoke with someone on the live chat and they are sending me a replacement one 😊

Didn't think it was normal for it to be that loud!