minimiser bras


You've guested tight. My problem is my massive balconies. I am currently a size 14 to 16 but my breast has always been gigantic... naturally... or in fact, semi-naturaly, due to being on the pill since I was 14.

Anyway... I have to go to a wedding in July and I would love to wear a nice coctail dress. My problem is the bra size. I would like to minimise the size of my breast (at least on the day). I have heard that minimiser bras usually provide one size smaller than the original size. Is that true?

I have been looking at pictures of them and I noticed that some of them have extra material inside, I assume to support the breasts, but does this extra fabric not make boobs look fatter??

Do minimiser bras work miracles or they are just a myth?

They do work wonders as i have owned them in the past. But get them from a decent outlet. Marks and spencers or similar.

Not sure about it being one size smaller, very possibly.

They just seem to hold everything in and also stops gaping on a blouse for instance. Nothing worse than having the right size top on but the gaping hole.

Hope you find something.

It depends on your size & the style you choose, some make you look like you just have a long sausage.for boobs & look awful. May I ask what size you are?

Sometimes it's worth just going & getting a proper fitting, often just having the right fit, style & size bra on makes all the difference. I would recommend you do that before buying the dress, & wear the bra when you go to buy the dress, it really does make s difference to how something fits.

Good luck

MissTC is right, you need to be properly fitted It shouldn't just constrict or you will end up looking squashed instead of smaller and more shapely

I am 38DD. I tried one when I went to the shops but it looked like it was moving my fat balconies towards the sides. It made me look assyymetric.

I forgot to ask... Do you think that sports bras make them look a bit flatter?

Is there a Bravissimo near where you live? If so go there and get fitted properly, chances are you're wearing the wrong size (don't worry 80% of people are) which won't help anything look any good. If there isn't a store near you, have a look at their online fitting guide and see if you can self-diagnose a little?

Sports bras are designed in order to prevent 'bounce' whilst exercising, depending on the brand some can squish the boobs down, some make them look Madonna cone-esq, it really depends. I don't think wearing a sports bra is the answer, a correct fitting probably is. I used to work in lingerie retail for many years so am saying this with an awful lot of experience... May I ask what size you buy in clothes tops? A random question it seems but there is reason in my madness, honestly ;)