Mirena Coil lost

As anyone else had this happen to them. My nurse didn’t know to much and online isn’t giving me any answers.

Today I went for my smear and whilst the lady was down there I asked her to check my coil was still in place but she couldn’t locate it. She said she had a clear image of my cervix and that it definitely wasn’t there. She told me she as never not been able to locate one before and she removes them daily.
My last smear was a year ago and the nurse told me she could see it and it was in place. I asked my nurse do I need to take a pregnancy test and she just said take one to be safe. I have it’s negative.
She has booked me in for an ultrasound to find it :see_no_evil: I told her I didn’t want to fall pregnant and she said for the time being use condoms and didn’t offer me any other contraception.

I don’t know what to do, I’ve not had a period in years. No pains or cramps so how can it be lost and if it has fallen out surely I would have had a period.


This happened to me years ago. Went for routine Mirena check up but the Dr couldn’t see the strings anywhere. She arranged for me to have an ultra sound and I was told to use condoms in the meantime.
The ultra sound showed the Mirena was still there but the strings had got all curled up at the top of my cervix. The nurse said it was a common issue. Try not to worry.


I agree with @wildflower

It’s easier said than done, but do try and not get yourself into a panic. Chances are, the strings are just curled up under your cervix. If it has fallen out, you’d probably have noticed and it would have been recently if you haven’t had a period, so within the last 6 months at the most.

I think she didn’t offer another contraceptive as it’s likely to still be in there and that’s a lot of hormone in your system if you have 2 hormonal contraceptives. They can also take a week to be fully kick in so it’s probably not worth it. When I had my first coil, I had to continue taking the pill for 7 days and, honestly, I lasted 3 days before I had to stop the pill, the cramps and headaches were horrendous but cleared up within 2 days of stopping the pill.

Condoms are your best option right now


The doctors have just rang me and it’s a 3 month wait at the hospital for the scan.
They have said though that if there is a cancellation they will give me a call.
Fingers crossed they have just curled up :crossed_fingers:
Thankyou for your advice