Missed two pills and now having very light bleeding

I only just started my pack around 8 days ago now and for the last 2 of those 8 days, I forgot to take my combined pills due to me being sick and forgetting about them entirely. Now, I’m having very light bleeding (pink) and I don’t know whether this will turn in to an actual period or not because I only had it just over a week ago. I have been on them for around 4 years now and I haven’t had this happen before because I was always on top of it. I also have PCOS and I’m overweight, to give you extra information.

Please help.

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Been a while since I was on the combined OCP
@sharbur and this happened to me several times like 35 years ago…

Yes I had a very light “show” too as you describe…but continued to take my pills as normal and it stopped after 3 days or so. I did ring my GP who told me to do this and also use extra contraception for the next 14 days in case I’d ovulated.

But as I say it was 35 years ago so I suggest you speak to someone for latest advice.

I will add one of my friends back in the 80’s used to take her OCP at tea time…went out that night and got drunk…vomited in the pub toilet…carried on as normal…forgot about it continued to take her OCP and yes she got pregnant…


Sexual health worker here.

So you need to continue to take your pills as normal now. Do not double up or try and take the missed ones.


It’s likely the drop in hormones has triggered the bleed.


This has happened to me but because the pills expired and I didn’t notice, I didn’t forgot to take them :sweat_smile: My GP just said to keep taking them as normal (a new non-expired pack for me, just skip over the ones you’ve missed and start on the day you should be on) :+1: I had spotting for like a whole month as result which was fun :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile:

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Hope you’re feeling better now @sharbur? Your bleeding will be down to the missed pills. As others have said, keep taking them and hopefully the bleeding will clear up. Usually you carry on as normal and use condoms for 7 days but this advice can vary slightly depending on the type / brand of pill because the hormones vary between pills. Check the instructions in the packet carefully - there will be a section that says “what to do if you miss a pill”. If you haven’t got the leaflet, look it up online by typing the brand name eg. Microgynon 30 and “patient information leaflet” into google. Alternatively, if you use microgynon 30 or millinette then i have the instructions here!

If you’re unsure or worried contact your pharmacist, GP or family planning nurse x

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Im not qualified at all but hope you are ok now ! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: