Miuzu Buzzlet Problems?

Hi all, I would like to know if anyone brought the Miuzu Buzzlet? If so what sort of running time are you getting from it after a full charge? I got 1 recently and it doesn't seem to be running very well at all after being on charge - am lucky to get 20mins from it. Which, for a luxury toy, doesn't seem right. So, I'd be grateful to any of the OA of their experiences of the Buzzlet. Thanks guys!!


Have you contacted Lh to ask? I searched the site and couldn't find it, but google did and says it is currently available, perhaps they're aware of a problem?

I did find a review that said charge lasted 90mins or so tho, so seems like yours may be faulty? http://beanfiddler.com/vibrators/buzzlet-vibrator/ Hopefully I'm allowed to post that link? It does it needed a 10hr charge to get that tho....

Perhaps cos of the magnetic charging it's not charging properly, I have had that a few times with my G-ki not always charging properly if the connection isn't exactly right, frustrating....

Am sure if you contact Lh they will sort it for you :)

Sorry to be patronizing, but have you put it on for the full initial charge? Sometimes toys need to be charged for about 12 hours before they reccomend using it.

Doh, in my post above 1st paragraph, I meant says it's UNavailable....

Hey cheers guys :-) I got the last 1 from Lh so I know there won't be a replacement for mine (which's ok coz I dont trust the product any more) and I emailed cust. services yestday so while waiting for a reply I thought I'd ask for your experiences with it.

In the info that came with it there's no mention of it needing a long charge just 2hrs but am charging it for longer now, just to see if that helps. There is a slight buzzing noise coming from the plug when it's on charge and none of my other rechargeables make that noise.

Am not happy with it which is a real shame as the concept is great (that and the price tag drew me to it). I don't seem to be having much luck with rechargeables recently and I don't know if Lh will be happy to refund/exchange because of the previous probs with other toys - I must be a thorn in their side (what they think maybe? It's what I think they think of me). I guess I'll just have to wait til tomor and see what they say. If I'm allowed to return it I'll get something else anyway but not rechargeable (I'll use rechargeable batteries instead). I know I have lots of other toys (which work brill) and I thought I had a good un with the buzzlet but I obviously thought wrong :-(


Divine: I think they will be ok. I returned my Mia 3 times, but the 4th one is the one which has been now working for hmmm 3 months I think without problems. One of them died after first charge. I also had issues with G-Ki. But as I dont seem to have issues with the Tango, Gigi and Siri I dont think its me. Sometimes you just have a very bad luck.

As for rechargeable batteries, be careful, some toys dont like them and the batteries get stuck in easily. Hope you have more luck than that though!

EEK! thanks for pointing that out about the batteries Laveila. So what do I do? If I go for an exchange am looking at 2 rocks off bullets (the RO-160mm & R0-120mm fever) OR up the ante (& price!) and go for the Tango?? I really do prefer rechargeables and a waterproof one is what I need (hence getting the buzzlet) - O and I like red, no I love red! so it would be great to have 1 of they - IF it's worth it?!? Am sure I've seen you review the tango Laveila so am guna go have a look see and re-read it. Thanks again!! :-)x

sorry, my mistake - the salsa is the red 1 but there can't be much in it between that 1 and the tango, other than design ?

Well fingers crossed once you do the long charge it might well be what you hoped? If not, am sure Lh will get you sorted? Have you got the Mia, that's great and USB charged? But it's in black....

I have the RO 120mm and don't really like it at all, in fact barely use it, just not enough power there for me....

Hope you get it sorted?

Divine: Salsa and Tango are the same in motor, function etc, but they have different design. Tango is lipstick shaped while Salsa has pointed tip. I dont use the Tango now that often as I seem to be getting more sensitive at times and it is rather powerful so I usually end up with Mia, which has more gradual speed built. But the Tango seems to be of good quality built in my experience. I did charge mine yesterday. I use it at times when I feel I need very strong vibrations.

I think its up to you as far as your choice is concerned.

Thanks everyone for your advice. In a way I don't want to give up on my buzzlet yet - giving it a super long charge and will see if that makes any difference ( I O so hope so!!). From reading reviews on american sites I think it's what it needs.......the instructions werent all that clear tbh! Here's hoping I've seen the light - and saved myself hassel of decideing what to choose to replace it, not to mention saved my £!! But thank-you anyway (sorry if I sounded like a numpty!!!)