Mixed changing rooms?

Hmm apparently in European countries it’s quite common to have mixed but I personally think in uk it may need tackling a little better if this is what they’re doing as people won’t be used to it and for others it may bring the wrong attentions

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40 yrs ago in France at an expensive restaurant the Men’s urinals were positioned so the women had to walk past them to get to their WC. There are these weird open air urinals in London now that don’t even have a screen around them like they do/did in Paris.

Last week after I had walked the dog a woman squatted and had a pee near me without knowing I was in the car and mouthed a ‘Sorry’ which I acknowledged.

Mixed (cubicle) changing rooms - what’s the harm? Fathers can take their daughters, mothers can take their sons. I don’t think I have been to a swimming pool in 20yrs that doesn’t have mixed changing.

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This is more about adults though. Parents taking opposite gender kids in with them has always been normal and necessary.

I haven’t changed together with my daughter in at least 10yrs, she is far too old and now certainly an adult.
But does she feel uncomfortable changing in a cubicle next to me - no. Do I feel uncomfortable changing in a cubicle next to her - no.
Does she feel uncomfortable changing in a mixed cubicle environment - no.
Would she feel uncomfortable in a mixed toilet - YES.

Oh I sometimes changed with my dad well into my teens. I still would now if there was a need for it. I can’t see changing with family and friends a bother for most people. It’s more strangers.

Call me old 50+ but keep them separate why I’m not even going down that route.

On a different tack its probably a money saving reason 10 male 10 female now 15 mixed including say 2 disabled access?

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Unless they are full tip to bottom changing rooms absolutely not. As a kid I remember coming out of a swimming lesson, and a guy tried to peer under and film me getting dressed in a mixed changing cubicle. Thankfully I realised before getting unchanged, went straight to reception desk and police arrived promptly and he was escorted out the place.
Ever since then I’ve been funny about taking my clothes off or changing since.