MMF 3 some with male & male having sex

Me and my partner have talked about this, I'm in no way bi or gay but my partner would love to see me and another man do things to each other, we enjoy pegging and I'm always up for trying things once, what do other people think about this and has anyone tried it? Obviously jealousy would come into it and that's what we're unsure of, we've tried 3 somes with dolls both male and female but obviously it's not the real thing

We had a thread about this recently :

Might have some tips and advice there. :)

You will need to be really secure in your relationship and 100% sure it's what you both want. Very few are able to that sure, but if it's what you both want enjoy.

I think there would less jeasoulsy if just the guys went at it and the lady just watched and enjoyed the show. then when other male left she could her guys bone's and bang him. because she would so hot. At least this is the way i would want it to happen for me me and oh have talked about this she was game but it has left for some reason says she dont trust people because of std and i dont have any friends whom are bi like me