Moaner or lip biter

I have to say all the women I've been with have been moaners which I like. Are there lip biters out there or some who just can't help themselves from screaming the place down!

I’m quite quiet during sex and masturbation. Maybe a little moan every now and then but I always moan just before i cum then cry out quite loud

Usually a lip biter on my own, maybe some gasps, only really moan or cry out when I orgasm and then only if it's awesome and I can't help it. I'd like to be louder tbh but not much motivation on your own.

Little moans sometimes a little more if it is really intense but mostly a lip biter.

AmyA I’m the same ! Although I’ve been a bit more vocal recently I’ve never been loud loud

Have you ever faked it and done a proper porno moan? ;-)

A little moan here and there but it's more just heavy breathing. I gasp when I climax, though. (I guess that makes me a "gasper"?)

Moaner but when I'm being teased I bite my lip

whimper then as I am coming get louder

Not wishing to totally freak her out, but I now make more noise all thanks to Alicia on here, who pointed out that if I’m vocal when being edged but otherwise silent I’m kind of self-censoring noise-wise rather than just relaxing and letting rip. OK, I don’t think I’m ever going to be a screamer, but my moans, groans and panting is definitely louder now, and my overall experience is better through allowing myself to make my pleasure known.

Thanks Alicia.

You forgot howler!

I've always been a moaner, but since moving into a detached house I've really let rip.

Summers with open windows and hotel rooms have since proved to be a bit of a problem, especially if I've had a drink.

It's a lot easier becoming a howler than it is reverting to a moaner!

Letting your vocals go can be quite hard after being conditioned to be quiet as not to let anyone hear me in my parents house, but I eventually got over it and WoW orgasms are much better.

Ok back to the original question:

My girlfriend is more of a gentle moaner up until the big O where she gets louder, It is sexy seeing her bite her lip but she bites me more than herself, I love being bitten, No wonder she doesn't bite her lip much the way she bites me if she did that to her lip she would be missing chucks of her lip. Sometimes she doesn't even realise how hard she bites on me.

I'm a moaner with occasional screams. He likes reaction. Teacake is right about conditioning, you learn to be a lip biter when your parents or flatmates are around, or you did when I was younger.

Even in group situations some women keep very quiet, maybe because it's embarrassing to let go too much with others around. But on one of our first swinger club visits one of the women in a busy playroom shouted out "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" and all of us started moaning in sympathy, have seen that happen occasionally since.

Having been in a house with 4 kids for many years we had become quite a quiet couple - however now we're in an empty house my OH has become to be quite vocal - all I seem to manage is a little moan at the end!

Depends on how good the sex is, TV sex moan if it's mundane, upto full on crying the other day!! Side note, has anyone else ever done that? I dont remember ever coming hard enough to cry before 🤔