Mobile Browser too old to Access to "LH Forum"

Just tried to access “LH Forum” on my Apple iPhone and received the following message:

“Unfortunately, your browser (Google) is too old to work on this site. Please upgrade your browser to view rich content, log in and reply.”

I was able to access the Forum on my iPhone a few days ago, but I’m now unable to do so.

I made a few attempts to “upgrade” my iPhone’s browser from Google to Google Chrome, but received this message:
“Google Chrome requires iOS 14 or later.”

My Apple iPhone software version is 12:5:5 which means that I am no longer able to access LH Forum remotely on my phone.

This is a great pity since it was my preferred, and most convenient, method .

The cost of of replacing my iPhone is prohibitive.

I was wondering how many other Forum members have been affected by LH’s upgrade.

Unfortunately you will start seeing more things your restricted with as your iPhone gets older. Which iPhone do you have? If you don’t mind me asking. I’ve had it plenty of times in the past on various apps and games. I have never been bothered about having the newest, latest phone but I do try and get a better second hand iPhone every 2 years for that reason as it can be extremely annoying.

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@Himeros1 I had issues a couple of months ago when accessing the forum on my phone. Never got the browser message (did when I tried on fire tablet) but when opening a post they would continuously scroll back about a year or so. I was on iPhone 6 at the time and was gonna use partners old 7 but found a deal for a 2020 se that was £6 a month more than I was paying payg.

I have the same problem with many applications. I do use my mobile very often and have no need to update (iPhone 4) so have to put up with things. I only pay £7.00pm. I’m old school and not up with the kids that must have the latest of everything.

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@Deanna32 Thank you for your kind response. I have an Apple iPhone 5s model. Like @steve19 (thank you and @steevo68 too), I like the size of my phone and don’t want anything with a bigger screen and another phone with all the “bells and whistles” I’d never use. I suppose that I’ll just have to resign myself to just the very occasional peek at the Forum when I am able to use an alternative means which is a great pity.

Will it not allow you to login via safari ? Just a thought ! :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

There are some other browsers you can try. Safari was suggested, but there is also Firefox, Brave, just to start. The IOS you are running may be too old for them as well, but it doesn’t cost anything to check. Good luck!!

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As an Android phone user, i’ve never figured out the appeal of i-Phones, from all the stories i’ve read, they seem to be a nightmare once updated. Serious question, what’s the attraction?


This is why I wont go near iPhone’s. Back in the day I had an ipod touch and only after 18 months or so, it wouldnt update to ios7 which left all my apps defunct. Was fuming as it was so expensive. I vowed to never touch an apple product since.

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I will only use an iPhone and it’s not because I think it’s better then android, it’s simply because I learnt to use an iPhone many years ago. To say I’m only in my early 30s I don’t know a lot about technology lol so I like to stick with things I know. I see all the different formats on here to use as templates and that terrifies me :joy:

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Well i’m pushing 60 so i know how you feel about technology! I look at young work colleagues touch typing while i tap away with one finger! :joy:

I’ve had my phone 4 years and not had a problem at all. I am android and have a cheap Samsung phone.

Hope you sort it soon @Himeros1

I’m not the best with technology but I am classed as an old bird now…:sleepy:


You’re not old your “vintage” :hugs:

No like a wine @CurvyJilly just getting better with age.

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Thankfully I’ve not been effected by this as yet but maybe this would be a good time to have an app developed for the forum so people wouldn’t need to use a browser on their phones to access.


@CurvyJilly thank you so much. I don’t believe your assertion about being “an old bird” for one moment!

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You can buy a second hand I phone from say CEX they come with a years guarantee mind its still not cheap, if you can move to " the other side" then you can get a really quite capable phone brand new for £200 ish and Samsung phones come with a 2yr warranty that many dont realise, getting a small phone could be an issue my Samsung A22 cost £209 ?
Best feature of all on my phone the “Back” button that iPhones dont have?