Monogamy board game is awesome!

Okay so ie had this since Christmas an with all wedding plans in the air me as the OH haven't found time to sit down and give this a go! ALl I can say is, with all the butt plugs we buy and kinky stuff we get this game BY FAR has been the best buy of them all! Set yourself some romantic music , a few jugs of cocktails ;) and don't be shy! We played this for around 3 hrs. From te cute funny side of trying to leapfrog me naked, to humming a song whilst my plums were in her mouth was just funny! One of the cards even gave me a show of her touchin herself with me directing! Best of all this was just fun and sooo funny.. Kept me and my partner in stitches a lot. And also kept it very steamy.. We both wanted echo ther within the first half hour and was a tease to just wait and had the best sex we've had in a log time!

I think everyone should have this game!
Has anyone else had the same experience?

Yep works great for us when we have the time. I too love the face you have to be pent up for such a long time and yes usually do have a good laugh playing it.

i got this a year or so ago and its by far the best item i have hidden away for us, great fun but it does take a whole evening but well worth it