Monogamy game players - white heart ideas 🤪

If you've played the game, you'll know what I mean! We have played it quite a lot so struggle with it. Obviously dependant at what stage of the game, but what ideas have you come up with?! Playing a game in a bit, so help shape our night 🤪

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Still playing this game, still could do with some ideas :grin:

That’s a long game… 3 years! You must be knackered!

We use the white heart to have an extra drink, have a break for whatever reason or just skip it altogether.

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We just let the other player decide so if I land on it, my hubby gets to choose a card for me or drink, strip etc. I did see a good idea recently that we’re going to try next time and that is to create a set of your own cards. I think some of the ideas on there were a little more extreme than monogamy cards. I remember someone saying 1 card could be rimming your partner for 2 minutes, roll the dice again and that’s how many spanks/whips you get. Those kind of suggestions. We’ve decided we’re going to do 5 each and keep them secret until we land on them and then you have to pick up one of their cards.


Could be a good one to get the thoughts flowing​:+1:

Tantric :joy:

Just searched and I believe the game was launched in 2001 ! does anybody know if there is an updated set of playing cards since then? thanks.

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We’ve lost the instructions for our game! Tried emailing the people that make it for a new copy but no luck. Can anyone offer any advice?

Seem to remember it starts with intimate for a round, then passionate then steamy, ive e mailed them too with no reply about updated cards.