Morning glory!

Well, not quite.. but just thought I'd say hello officially

Looking forward to becoming more active (oo-er!) in this community. It seems very friendly and down to earth in here, which is what I'm all about. A little bit more about me - I'm 25, female, and I've found myself a fantastic bloke to unleash all my kink upon. It's working so far!

Cheers m'dears and have a fab day xx

Thanks Hella! Keeping a close eye on that TC stroker - one review so far so I hope the others are battling their way through the snow just as well :)

Hi cherrypi, great to see you around!

Check out the Sex Toy Tester thread - get your address up to date on your profile and start reviewing and you may get chosen to have a little toy drop on your doormat.

Hi Hun, welcome to the forums. Looking forward to seeing you around! Lucky bloke ;-) xxx

Hi and welcome to the forums. x

Ooh, excellent - and done, Alice!

He is probably lucky (well, as am I) since he's perpetually horny so we make a good match ;)

Hello! I've noticed you around with your 3.14159ness around!

Here is the welcome thread and rules to have a brwose through:

See you around somemore.

Hello and welcome to the forums!


HIya cherrypi & welcome xx