Most complete list of sexual acts/kinks/fetishes/fantasies...

Hello everyone!

A few months ago, we discovered sex questionnaires as a way to learn more about your OH's fantasies. We found out a lot of things about ourselves, but now we feel a little bit "limited" by the small number of questions. We would like to build our own personal questionnaire, and I'm currently looking for the most complete list of sexual acts/kinks/fetishes/fantasies, etc. I know it's impossible to list them all, of course. But I would like to find something that gathers as much as possible, from the most common ones, to the most unknown fantasies. Of course, I have tried googling that, but the results were disappointing. If you feel like you can help, please feel free to comment! Thank you :)

Have a little look on Google Images for 'fetish map' - there is a really good image on there that covers lots of different fetishes and how they interlink.

Thank you so much Rebecca, that is an amazing start! It really gives me a lot of material to work with.