Most embarrassing experience?

Hi everybody,
I've been on here for a while now but not really found any threads I could contribute to, so hoping this one takes off!

Whats your most embarrassing (or funny!) sexual experience?

Me and a former partner were at it one day with me on top when his mum let a guy in to fix the radiator! (sounds like a bad porno there?) I tried to lie there like a was hugging him from the side but while the guy fixed the heater, my ex was inside me! *blush*

I've got loads more but I don't want to be rabbiting (mmm) on if nobodys interested!
Looking forward to hearing your stories and getting involved in a bit of conversation on here!

You rabbit away, makes the world go round !! time will tell but it's the right time of year to start a new thread, people trapped in their love pits by the dark and the weather !!
Welcome and good luck xx

I've got myself thinking now and remembered a time not so long ago, in the good old missionary position and my head must have wandered off because I suddenly came out with "well if he gets slagged he'll just need to stick up for himself" (referring to my son and his ginger hair!), must have been a kick in the ego for my man!

Anybody got some then? Got a lonely wee thread here :(

well, i havent had that many emarrasing experiences....yet! but the worst one is probably quite a common 1. but anyhow...i had only been goin out with my boyfriend for about a month and his parents invited me for dinner (that was so bad) so i was acting like the polite, sweet girlfriend that was perfect for their son and all that....well we went upstairs and we were in the mood and i was on top, fully naked and his dad walked in and just stood there and started talking about safe sex...i was just thinking oh my god im naked here....can u much for that polite, sweet girl image.

Wow ameri2490, his dad's heart must have got a workout at the same time as you seem hot hot hot !!!!

lol, thanks. i would have thought he would have left the room straight away, it was sooo awkward. when he was chatting, i was laying on top of my boyfriend naked, so he could stil c my bum! i didnt dare reach around for the cover because i would have revealed more!

Lucky man guess that birds and bees chat may have gone on for quite a long time then, bet he headed straight for the bathrom and tissues, not necessarily in that order, the second he left ... fnarr fnarr xxx
Have a rollocking good Christmas ameri2490 xxx

Many years ago my gf was turned on by...kitchens.
So one evening things got steamy (and I don't mean vegetables) so I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.


As we went through the the door there was an almighty "BANG!". I had hit her elbow on the architrave and split her elbow open. Oh I could see the bone! Blood, tears etc. We couldn't drive to casualty as we had both had a glass of wine so I sort of patched her up with elastoplast! She forgave me though...twice :o)

He was making love to his gf in her lounge when her partner came back early from a business trip. We saw the car pull up and while she dressed and frantically tidied the room he grabbed his clothes, dressed in the garden and climbed the fence - fortunately it was night. Her partner didn't suspect and while the affair carried on for a year we didn't use her home again!

when me and my wife first started dating we i used to sleep over at her parents with her. one night after being out with her friends her sister come in between 12 and 1 and with out knocking just walked in to my lasses bedroom while we in the middle of it, of course i was on top n she couldnt push me off quick enough as her sister asked for drink of her cola as she used to keep bottle beside her bed and then her sister had to say wat you upto. i can tell you i felt like saying if you need to ask that then you need to go back to schoolbut my lass replied nothing just trying to get some sleep. next morning her parents gave such a look i knew her sister had said something and i just didnt know where to look.

My most embarrassing moment came when we actually didn't have sex!

I hadn't even started dating my boyfriend (I'd just gone through a crappy break up, so wanted a free month to set my head right before starting anything new- that old story) when he took me as his sort of date to a house warming his friends were having. I'd met a few of them before and got on well with them, but didn't know, maybe three quatres of the people there. Well, we'd been talking about going out, and I was up for starting something, but he was dragging his heels.

Long story short, got drunk and told the loud mouth bloke who I fancied. He then took him aside and gave him a talking to (well, more of a 'why havn't you shagged that hot lass in the skirt?' really). So we ended up snogging ina room upstairs. For a lot longer than we'd thought. Came downstairs to what was just short of a round of applause, everyone assuming we'd hooked up. Didn't mind really, but it's not the best way for twenty people to be first intrduced to you is it?! At least it made him ask me out! (And yes, we did have sex that night- but only once he'd got me home!)