Most Oh! Points spent in one transaction?

I struggle to save my oh! Points as I just love to sped them straight away but I was wondering what's the most you've spent in one transaction?

Mine is a measly 2500...

only 840 left

Just under 8000 I think, but it was an accident!

I cashed in all my oh points to buy the bouncer, I had a £20 gift voucher, but the bouncer cost me just over £7 so quite a lot of points! How many I don't know, but a lot. It was worth every point.

I spend them as soon as they hit my account lol. 😊

I spent my first ones by accident just 1250..since then I was saving til the Xmas day sale then I spent saving again for something special or the Xmas sale again xx

Largest I have seen (today actually) was 44 pounds worth ![blush|20x20](upload://kym5tZ5EfyJxs6TKHB1Q2HtGSpK.gif "blush")

😮 I think I've spent £4 worth lol. The shame!...i can't save.

I bought something for £20 with them once. I'm rubbish at saving them now though, I usually only save up to about £4 and then use them on a big order to make the price slightly less intimidating x

Back when you could only use them to buy toys outright, I purchased the almosta 4posta which was £35 I think. I also purchased the electrastim clamps which were about £40 I think.
I'm pretty sure puddleduck purchased the lelo ora or ina or something lelo with hers which is about £80??

Mine was about 3000 on the old system. The new system doesn't encourage you to save as it always cashes your points by default when you order somthing and go to the checkout page . You have to amend it by entering zeroes to save yor points. I preferred it the other way around .

I bought the Liberator Wedge with mine, which is almost £75 I think

I can't save them at all as soon as I come to checkout and see the option to use them I do 😂 I doubt I've got a £1 worth 😂😂❤xx

have spent a grand oh points total of............................................... £4

I'm currently saving mine up to buy something outright. I have 5500 points saved up so far which is £11 worth but want a few more before I spend it.

I used my points to buy a Bouncer just before the system change, so 14000 in one transaction :)

Top 3:

28.750 = £57.50 + 25% off discount got me the Womanizer.

16.500 = £33.00 + 20% off discount got me the We Vibe Passionate Play Collection.

4.750 = £9.50 + 25% off discount got me the red Fun Factory Bouncer Dildo.

So, yes, I do save them up for more expensive purchases, as the cheaper ones I feel are already such a good deal as is with all the sales, offers and discounts, no need to spend points too on them.

For this reason, I would very much like it if the "spending Oh!Points" option at checkout would be an opt-in rather than the current opt-out too (with the aggravant that you not only have to thick the box out, but also insert 0 and ensure it updates the total amount!), just as mysteron said.

£40 worth just before it changed to the system now

I was wondering if anyone had ever saved enough for one of the Lelo toys! That's crazy...

There'd be more chance of me being able to get together enough money to buy a lelo than save up Oh points to get one, most points i spent was about £3 worth as much as the under £20 delivery