Most popular toys! My trio complete! What's next?

This thread is probably a terrible thread for me as I already have a slight addiction ... However ...

I feel like in my collection I have the top three most talked about toys of desire! Doxy Tracey Cox Supersex glass dildo set My Tango arrived this morning!

What would you say would be in your top 5 must have sex toys? Please include whether you actually have them or not!

I reach for this pretty often (dream rabbit) as well as (Happy rabbit ears) more so than my Happy Rabbit 2 G spot!

I'm new to the actual buying of sex toys so I don't have that many however, I do have a few favourites in the ones I already have - BASICS G-spot vibrator was my first toy which I use it on my clitoris as well - Little Softee 5 inch which is probably my most used one at the moment - BASCIS Jiggle Balls which I enjoy wearing on a day to day basis

I am looking at the Tracey Cox glass dildo set but I'm a bit daunted with the idea it's glass and the sheer size, as I haven't yet surpassed the 5 inches stage, but there's always time

I did buy the Pleasure Quest Sex Toy Selection which arrived today but I haven't had time to properly try it out yet

My top five must-haves at the moment are the Doxy Die Cast, Satisfyer Pro 2, L'Amourose Prism V, We-Vibe Tango and the Tantus Curve :)

My top five toys right now are:

My Doxy Die Cast Wand

50 Shades of Gray Greedy Girl G spot Rabbit (very similar ot Happy Rabbit G spot)

Tracy Cox Recharable silicone Rabbit (smaller yet amazing)

50 Shades of Gray Nipple Suckers

Fun Factory Bouncer (Lovehoney no longer sells this but it is a curved dildo with 3 jingle balls inside it)

Goodness it was HARD to just pick five. I actually organize my Lovehoney lockable cases with themes and group toys as I like to play and combine them. Rarly do I play with only 1 toy in a session.

I'd like to get:
the Swan wand
Jopen key comet
Njoy curve
Vixen mustang tie die.

Wanted them all for fages but cash is short.
So for now we have doxy tango and lelo hugo.

Sum Sub wrote:

I'd like to get:
the Swan wand
Jopen key comet
Njoy curve
Vixen mustang tie die.

ditto! Never gonna happen though.

My top 5 fave toys are the Femme Fatale Clitorizer, the Lelo Soraya, the Icicles no. 7, the Doxy and the Vixen Mustang :)

I would say the Lelo Nea, then my Swan rabbit vibrator and then Lelo Elis. All of them get a very frequent use.

I don't have any that I'm absolutely in love with other than my wand, and it isn't a wand from Lovehoney. It was a gift.

I really, reaaallly want the Dua by Je Joue, that's a bit of a dream though, already need to spend 2k just to move into the house we want and can't justify a toy of that much at the moment.

I've been looking at getting a thrusting rabbit too but again monnneeey.

Definitely want the Doxy. I love my wand but it isn't enough and I think the Doxy may be more powerful (mine is mains powered but it wasn't that expensive).

And I really want those rainbow dildos but I'm pretty sure we know it's not happening for now. Sigh sigh. If I had the money my sex toy collection probably wouldn't even fit in a house.

I would like to have a room just for sex and sex toys, I guess I have to dream on for a while ;d

I would love to have a sex room with all kinds of sex and kinky stuff in where no kids will walk in and it's sound proof with a bath and walk in shower ..... I think I may have lost myself for a moment there!

Who knows, in the future we might have a room like that 😄

My Top 5....

Vixen Mustang Royale
Vixen Johnny
Njoy Pure Wand

aaaand...I'd like a fucking machine to which I can attach any toy. I have the first four, but the last is a dream a long way off...

My favourites are....


Large butt tingler butt plug

Icicles No 25 glass butt plug

Marc dorcel geisha ball butt plug with ruby red crystal (large)

Lovehoney beaded glass dildo

And......MY RULER !!!!!!!!

I own all of the above x

Bodywand - didn't rate doxy that much in comparison.
LoveHoney satisfy me Gspot dildo (basic, but the only one toy that really hits the right spot)
Giant Jerry girthy dildo
LoveHoney beaded glass dildo

Couldn't narrow it down so I'm seperating regular sexy time from kinky BDSM :P

Top 5 BDSM toys

Top 5 sex toys

Lovehoney Deluxe Wand
Jessica G Spot
An older discontinued LH Glass Dildo
Almosta 4 Posta

These are the 4 we have that get most use together

I love my Lovehoney Intense stroker and really fancy a Tenga Flip Hole but can't afford, justify or decide which!

The Eroscillator, Vixskin Dildos, Crystal Delights glass toys, the Lelo Mona 2, Tango/Touch and magic wands (of one brand or another) are supposedly among the top toys according to various bloggers.

I was disappointed by the Vixen Goodfella (nothing wrong with it, but not right for me either), the Mona (vibrations not rumbly enough), the Bodywand Original (vibrations too buzzy - worse than Mona's) and I don't like glass toys at all, most of the time. The Eroscillator is one I don't have because I've come to the conclusion that it would be all wrong for me. I'm also pretty sure that I wouldn't like a Tango or Touch enough to justify spending anything close to full price (if they ever come my way at 60 % off I'll probably buy them, though).

The other conclusion I've come to is that it doesn't matter what is popular and well-reviewed - sex toy preferences are completely individual. Probably my most-used toy is the Venus Butterfly which probably does not have a single enthousiastic review in blogosphere - it's saved me a lot of lube, though! Other favourites of mine are the Happy Rabbit 2 and the L'Amourose Denia. And the Bedtime 10 Function Butt Plug - till the controller died on me.

Actually, the HR2 and the Denia are so fabulous that my wish lists contain very few toys nowadays. All I really want is a rumbly clit/G-Spot vibe to replace the Mona - either a We-Vibe Rave or a L'Amourose Rosa/Rosa Rouge/Prism. And Fun Factory's Miss Bi would probably be a nice rabbit, though it's much more likely that I'll grab the LH HR2 G-Spot when they give it away the next time... For the others, I'll wait for the next Christmas sale...

What happens in a Christmas sale then?

Gem276 wrote:

What happens in a Christmas sale then?

40% off selected luxury toys that rarely/never go on sale :)