Most powerful vibe,bullet,rabbit on LH

What's probably the most intense/powerful toy on LH

From what I have knowledge off using on the wife the Jessica rabbit 2.0 has got my vote from what we own. It's possible it has a more desired effect on the wife as it kills 2 birds with one stone and each compliments the other? Female view needed.

I would imagine the LH mains powered magic wand would be a lot more intense for clitoral stimulation than anything else on the site ? Could anyone confirm this please?

Or in a word, for those that have both what if you had to do without your rabbit or magic wand which would you give up?

That's really tough... the magic wand is more powerful than anything I've ever found before, but if your wife enjoys internal sensations she may miss the G-spot pressure of a rabbit! The key is to own both ;)

I think if I had to give one of them up I'd give up the rabbit and stick with my magic wand - it's mains powered and just keeps giving! Plus it's fun to use as a couple as it works really well on guys too.

Here's a list of the 10 most powerful vibrators we sell, and luckily there's something to suit everyone's wallet.

Tried a LOT of toys and so far, the Deluxe Magic Wand still tops the list for power and yes I can confirm that it is a lot more intense for clitoral stim. So much so, that wands are used in BDSM scenes to force female orgasms.

I would give up all of my rabbits for my wand. however, they both offer completely different types of clitoral stimulation so I imagine for some women it would be the other way round. So, as Lucy says and as I second...."Why own one when you can have both :D"

I own the wand myself and it's definitely the most powerful toy I've come across by far. I'm not a fan of internal vibrations so don't like rabbits but if I did, I'd probably get a wand attachment like this one or this one . I imagine that would be more powerful than a regular rabbit.

Seems pretty conclusive, wand will be next purchase lol

I got my wand today, i'm a power freak and also love to have a real "quickie" sometimes. Well i certainly did have a quickie......then another, and another, and........i couldn't put it down. My God!

I've just popped online now to order a G-spot attachment, which i would imagine could also double as a different clit toy, especially with all the noddules on it.

Lol Cillit Bang