Moving Out Dilemia, I need some words of wisdom!

Hellooo, sorry to be a pain but I am in need of some wise words as I cannot talk to my parents about this.

Last year I applied to live in student halls but due to a mix up I didn't get it, so this year I reapplied & have been offered a room...but I'm not sure whether to take it or not. I'll be going into my 3rd year at uni where halls is mainly full of 1st years.

Now because I didn't get a room last year, I moved in with my dad as my mum & I fought constantly, I am considered a lodger at my dads as he has never taken on the 'father role', we don't speak to one another, we live our own lives, I hand over £100 a month & maintain the hosue. I do want to live in the city centre (where halls is) as it would mean I would be right next to uni, my friends, be able to go out (something rarely I do due to travelling) & be independant


It's the financial side that is worrying me, it will cost £4000 for 10 months but that is including bills/rent/etc. Where I am right now I am £160 a month, a lot cheaper. I have a student loan which I didn't use last year & have another one on the way so I would use that to pay for halls but I'm unsure as to what is best for me, I am unhappy here, I feel lonely, I feel like I miss out on a lot in terms of being social & I do want to be independant, but if I do go to halls I will have very little money to live on, just enough to feed myself but I would be happier.

If anyone can give me some advice I'd be very very grateful xx

I would think of it is as you're paying extra to be happy and have the the full uni experience you want. From what you've written it seems it would be worth the cost to put yourself in a better place.

If it were me I'd go over the finances again, make sure i definitely have enough to live on and if so, go for the halls. The experience would be worth not having money for luxuries to me :)

Lovebirds_x wrote:

I would think of it is as you're paying extra to be happy and have the the full uni experience you want. From what you've written it seems it would be worth the cost to put yourself in a better place.

If it were me I'd go over the finances again, make sure i definitely have enough to live on and if so, go for the halls. The experience would be worth not having money for luxuries to me :)

+1 ![](upload://lJMrTcqgi5lI1FOpb07OYOcv2YF.gif) totally agree.

Go into halls.
Get them to reevaluate your student loan- as an independant you're entitled to more and should be hitting about the £8000 mark, not counting bursaries available from uni.

You'll be much better off, you can work part time if you want to and feel able to, and you'll be much happier than where you are now.
It also helps ease you into adult life, what with bundled bills and stuff. You're gonna have to do it sooner or later, and halls are a nice, easy, supported option.

+1 to Faireh and Lovebirds, I'd definitely go for halls if you're unhappy where you are now, and you should be entitled to more financial help there too, such as bursaries and maintenance loans.

I worked part time throughout my degree as well, so if you're not currently working and you're worried about not having any money to enjoy yourself maybe see what part time or temp work is going around where you'll live. There's also jobs you can do from home as a student, such as transcription (as long as your typing speed is quick enough).

Thank you everyone, it's a major decision & I've never made such a decision before in my life!

I tried discussing things with my mum (I said I'm waiting for an offer, I can't tell her I have one) and the second I said I need to think of things financially she freaked out & started screaming at me. So I feel more pressure to move into halls but then what will I do when I have to move out, what will I do for money? I will get a bursary as well & I can apply for a discretionary fund too and I will look for a job for extra money, I'm just so unsure.

Have you thought about searching for student house shares? You're more likely to be sharing with 2nd and 3rd years that way, and it will likely be cheaper than halls :)

FlexyBexyXXX wrote:

Have you thought about searching for student house shares? You're more likely to be sharing with 2nd and 3rd years that way, and it will likely be cheaper than halls :)

I have, I was getting a flat with my friend 3 months ago as he needed somewhere but he is now going to student halls just down the road and it's a lot dearer than what I would be paying, I can't find any sharing hosues within an acceptable distance to my uni, there is a halls next door to where I'd be that is more for 2nd/3rd years but it's sold out, after having been screamed at over it I'm more inclined to go through with halls as it would mean I would be away from my family & drama & be closer to my best friend, and of course right across the road from uni.

My daughter was in house share and it was 400 quid a month each and there was 6 of them in the house and the landlord refused to give them there deposits back said they had made a mess when the house was cleaner than it was when they moved in so beware of house share

Go for halls if you decide to move out of your dads


I do understand you, living in halls is expensive. Have you also considered renting a room with maybe a friend? It could cut down the price a bit...

Apart from losing some of the privacy, it could cut some of the money cost related to accommodation. Also part time job can help with paying for the rent.

Tbh. maybe also look at private sector, I got cheaper accommodation while renting room. It was small one, but it was enough for me. And I actually really liked it, althogh it was tiny.

From my experience uni accommodation is more expensive than finding somewhere yourself.

I lived in a few different house shares and in my third year did an exchange year abroad where I decided to live in the uni dorms. It was a mix of years but my dorm mate was a first year. However we really got along, some first years have a lot more sense than some third years!!

If you need to save money, sharing a bedroom with someone is a lot of fun as long as you are sure you'll get along with them!

Hi MissNoir, you're not a pain! We're all very happy to give opinions and TRY to be wise! ;)

I'm going to agree with the majority and say yes, do move out of your parents house. It sounds very stressful there and your mum doesn't sound very supportive, screaming at you :( *hugs*

As others have said you'll gain so much independence and maybe you could even get a part-time/casual cash in hand job. Bars and nightclubs are always on the lookout for employees, though I urgh you to stay safe if considering this job route. Yes money is always an issue for everyone when making big major choices but it really sounds like you'd be gaining more than living at home, especially socially and emotionally. I'm going to vote for you to move out - but I'm not sure where! Uni accommodation is always tempting because it's readily available and easy to get but if you're really worries about money I urge you to look at houseshares or sharing a flat/student accommodation :) Good luck and let us know how you get on!

With people talking about house shares, I want to add:

Yes, halls are more expensive, but they are all inclusive, and they are better for easing you in.
You won't have to deal with a landlord, you won't have to deal with bills and utility suppliers, you won't have to buy furniture. You won't have to chase up the people you're living with for not paying their share.
And honestly, on the basis you'll get about £10, 000 by the time all your maintainence loans/grants and bursaries and discretionary fund are factored in, the £6000 you'll have to live off for the year is more than enough.

To put it in perspective, my partner and I, on incapacity benefits, live of a little over £10, 000 a year between us, and that's with no capacity to work. I am looking forward to the day I get my student loan and can tell the JobCentre to do one, more than anything.
You'll be fine, trust me, so long as you're responsible.

As for working, most uni unions have like a student job shop, with appropriate part time stuff? There's also the uni ambassador programmes that tend to pay reasonably well, with total flexibility.

Thank you to everyone who has said something ^_^ It's made things a little clearer for me.

I agree with fairehlights, the person I was going to share with lived in the halls I would be going to & I stayed a few times so I know it's a safe/quiet place, and know what to expect for the money. I've never lived away from either parent so I think it would be better and of course, my best friend would be literally down the road so I'd have someone to help if I need any. I looked at hosue shares but I felt they were unreliable & the only ones available didn't look safe (unsafe areas, high crime rate).

I see it when I was flat hunting I was going to spend about £4500 for 12 months, I volunteer at uni already and they are always advertising jobs so I would try get one of them, plus halls is right next to a supermarket & 3 minutes from the city centre.

The more I think about it, I think it's the best option for my own health & mindset, my friends have also said this. I just worry about the future and honestly didn't think I'd be offered a room this year so it's taken me aback slightly. I've always wanted to live in Glasgow so this could be my chance! ^_^

I lived on €6,500 a year for my 4 years of uni (but our fees are paid for us by the government in Ireland). I've never known anyone to spend more on rent/bills out of halls even after electricity etc. You can also find places with bills included. Rent and housing situations are all different, but fairehlights is right that you don't want to be chasing other people for rent so make sure that your name/bank account aren't responsible for other people (don't volunteer to have your name on the lease/electricity bill etc). Whatever you decide it will be fine and give you space from your parents!

Move out. Start living YOUR life. And most of all, experience the whole university life at its best! You can't get it back after. But I echo that you also need to be responsible. However, you already sound like you are. So don't be afraid! Worst case scenario, you'll move back to your dad's. You've got nothing to loose really.

Both my children went to uni and both lived away and both would not have changed a thing it is all part of lifes rich tapersty go enjoy you can pay back your loans when you are earning enough you can not relive the experiance Dxx

Just want to chime in with a +1 to everyone :P

Moving into halls was the best decision I ever made when I started uni. I was 26 when I started, and there were plenty of other mature students, as well as 2nd and 3rd years around. I moved out into a house share the year after with some of my closest friends from halls, and that was even better - but I think halls is a great option for you to get the most out of your final year =)

Don't worry so much about the money. Everyone is super broke in halls, so you meet tons of other people willing to pitch in £1 for carrots and cream, or £1 for super noodles and a potato - suddenly there's dinner for everyone ;-)

i hated halls, people are annoying, but i could never have lived with my parents another year, they're a ball ache. honestly i think you know what you want to do, yeah its nice to have savings but if you can afford it, go to halls if its going to make life easier

Thank you everyone ^_^

I had a cvhat with my friends last night & they think it'd be best for me to go, I'm going to the bank today to sort out the deposit for halls & send off my acceptance letter! ^_^ Here I come halls! xcx