Mrs T turned on by a man she has been chatting to,we have had the most and best sex ever

Has anybody had the same experience? the man she chatted to lives abroad,after three years of harmless chat,it turned into sex chat,he sent explicit videos,It really turned my wife on,i have always had a high sex drive,she never had, till this, one saturday we made love in the morning, in the afternoon on the sofa,then in the everning !the man is black and he is very well endowed,we both used the situation to have the best sex ever! i pretend to be him when i take her from behind,i even brought a black cock extender (from love honey) to add to the excitment,its strange it seemed to kick start my wifes sex drive, we are not teenagers! im 62 my wife is 59 she is past the menopause,now we have regular sex, just for us its great!, are we strange?

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Hubby once played Commander Lytton at the time I fancied Maurice Colbourne best night ever, now I'd love him to be 12th Doctor or Darth vader. Not going to happen we both have health issues.

Hey, whatever works in sex, it is good. If your wife and you are happy, that is all that matters. Good luck.

Thank you all for your replys,its great to be able to chat with people, without feeling strange or embarrassed, i think a lot of couples have secrets,love honey is the perfect placee to share them!


Great to hear your finding a new fulfilling time in your sex life, you may not be teenagers but age is nothing but a number! Never feel embarrassed or hidden about things especially here, we're all pretty open and happy to help.

Maybe the next step would be to buy a dildo with a suction base like this one and she can have you and the long distance lover at the same time!