I haven;t written on one of these sites before but I often think that maybe I am physically unusual. I have never used a vibrator. My pussy makes a large amount of juice. My man is also very straight and sexual, and he always says how my pussy drives his cock crazy. He fucks me a few times a week and for about 3 hours at a time. It never seems emough for me because my pussy gets so wet it makes slurping noises. It's not just because his cock is also so incredibly juicy, it's always been like it.

slightly same sit here, well almost, after having my son i became worried i was bigger than norm but ma partner reasures me im better than eva i get wet quick i use toys but more with him for fun plus it turns him on so much when he gets to please me with them certain positions make me make noises and everytime i end up 'slurping' i used to get embaresed by this but now it doesnt bother me as it doesnt him. i just enjoy myself and think of myself as being lucky that i have natural lube its cheaper lol!! be proud of yourself and enjoy it i was always dry before i had ma son it was so uncomfortable i couldnt enjoy myself now i can ......xx

i am the same hubby cant get over how wet i am at times and he says its a natural turn on for him

As soon as my hubby touches my pussy i get wet, i feel embarresed by this as its only ever happened with him

As soon as my hubby touches my pussy i get wet, i feel embarresed by this as its only ever happened with him

i find that i get really wet too ... i always leave a puddle...
also when im having a very good orgasm i can feel it gush...guys usually love it when u tell them ur gonna cum all over their cock and then you soak them.. makes them feel ten foot tall!!!

My wife has always been more on the dry side, and we tend to use a lot of cunnilingues or lube to get around this. I suppose it's silly to suggest that keeping a silk scarf handy to dry of his member occasionally might help? Depends just how juicy you are I suppose.
My wife starting doing Pilates a few years ago and it really tightened her PC muscles, making us both enjoy sex more.

my wife and i always used to laugh about who had to sleep in the wet spot from my cum, well now she has started squirting, and it is more of a puddle and usually on my side of the bed. but i dont mind. i love the sound of her pussy when we fuck hard and it is all sloppy sounding. it gets me off even faster.

im the same as some of you..i get very turned on very quickly and dont need lube at all (although lovehoney obviously think otherwise as theyve sent me two lube samples recently lol) my boyfriend loves it and like vikki said, he loves knowing that he can get me that wet so quickly and it turns him on even more

A women job is never done ,when it comes to those >most powerfull exploding and dripping wet & earthshaken ,you know ,you grab something anything when all you need to is have the biggest and most powerfull explotion >>> the one were , could wipe the universe >>> half of population being wiped out by the ex and the other half drowning in you hot creamy pussy juice,s,yes THE ORGASM,but you know what us women are like,no matter how many with have>> WE ARE ALWAYS READY FOR MORE >> THATS WHY >>I WOMEN JOB IS NEVER DONE!>>>AND WHEN IT IS /IT,S NO LONG BEFORE SHE NEEDS MORE!!!!ORGASM , ORGASM, ORGASM XXX BUT I LOVE THEM....OH YES >>>MORE SEX PLEASE>>.

I get really wet and I dont see the need for lube either.. i'm waiting for my free sample right now lol.. I'll give it a try but I dont need it! Juicycat.. there is nothing unusual about you at all.. You can see that from all these people saying how they, or their wives get really wet!! :D

no way>>> not unusal at all,like u said jcat with all those juices making those whoosing from the wettest of you puss,no wonder it get,s him going ,pouding a wet pussy is very erotic>> my partner loves it when my puss is really wet,,as do i,the sounds of your juices & while being fucked ,..nothing wrong having a wet puss>>but their,s something about my puss ,even when my puss is really wet >> when i,m in that mood i got to have lube rubbed all over my cliterol area,i just love the feeing ,no matter how wet i,m am,>>> when i,m really really horny > because of that feeling ,i want to explode my juices & at the same time hold on to that feeling .as i said nothing unsual jcat with a wet pussy>> i think every women will agree.

i think its more likely that women will be jealous not think you're wierd!! lol same with men, i think most men would be amazed to believe that theyve turned you on that much (even if thats not strictly true hehe)

I use lube more for the sensation that certain lubes produce rather than the physical need....and thats from a 42 year old !

Oh wow, some of these reviews make me jealous. I haven't had an orgasm yet and I haven't gotten a chance to buy a toy. One problem is that I don't have a credit card, another is that I'm too shy to buy one in person. T_T. Cursed be my shyness! lol

Many supermarkets sell lubes (ok mainly the Durex range) and they have self service no excuses...LOL

dont you have a normal debit card from your bank?

They accept debit cards? *anime sweatdrop*

yeah i pay by debit card cuz i dont have a credit card either! i would say 99% of online places take debit cards teehee hope that helps x

Debit cards and paypal are a girl's best friend. Though...I do sometimes find that paypal is so easy that I whip through more purchases than I might otherwise. :)