Multi Speed Vibe Probs

Have had three multi speed vibs (the screw top ones) stop working properly within first couple of uses, first now goes from zero to full vibe only with no inbetween gradient, second and third go from slight vibration stop and then to full vib as you twist the screw top ... what am I doing wrong with them LOL!

are they different vibes or are they the same product. It would help if you could find them on lovehoney, or name them as different members will have experienced a wide variety of multi speed vibes.

how are you cleaning them? if they are not waterproof than submersing them might be an issue.

are the tops on tight enough? or you could even be putting the lids on too tight!

have you checked them with different batteries?

Also bullets often have a paper wrapped round the batteries, you should not remove it. But I know the feeling, happened to me as well and that was just with me removing the small disk on top of the batteries.But you should give us more information on what the vibes are. Also if you bought them on Lovehoney, contact the customer service.But only if you bought them within last year.


The first two were tracy cox 7" power vibes, the second was a replacment for the first, the third was a "burning Angel" 7". Both the first and the last developed this prob within first two time of using, havent been submirged and cleaned with a wipe. Thanks for the replies :)

hI mOON 420, iPROBABLY CAN'T OFFER MUCH HELP - arrrggh the caps lock key!! Sorry, anyway - yes screwing caps on too tight/ or getting threads crossed can happen - I sometimes get Gliiter Pin Ups bullet not working this way. Try being more gentle?

U could just be very unlucky ;( But if they are from LH and upto a yr old contact the customer services guys - they REALLY are the bees knees in sorting out problems with toys/products.

I mean - I can screw cap on too tight on Pin Ups, not cross thread otherwise it wouldn't work at all! Here's a thought - are you using good batteries? I never used to believe some makes were better than others but I do now! My more expensive toys work proper job with proper good bats in them. Hope this maybe helps??

Cheers for all the advice, tried every thing and still have the same prob, ah well ..try a push button one next ;)

You may find that the contact strip has a buildup of oxidation on it.

This may sound a little odd but try taking the rotating cap off the vibe, dropping it in a glass of alcohol (I use vodka) and turning the cap from 1-100 back and forth for a couple of minutes.

Take it out of the booze and shake it as hard as you can to get as much liquid out as possible, then dry with a paper towel and leave somewhere warm until absolutely dry inside.

Don't try this with vodka and coke, it'll get all sticky ;)