multiple orgasms

my wife and I used to have a great sex life , she would wear nice clothes and lingerie and we would make love several times a night. Things have changed now we only make love once a week although it is still intense when she orgasms that is it over how can I change this situation if at all possible.

I think it's more to do with priority's . I dont think she see's sex as that important any more.

Is she on any type of hormonal contraception? I tried lots of these and found that they all killed my sex drive, meaning that we where lucky to do it once a week at times my hubby almost gave up trying, once I stopped these my sex drive came back, but we now have a 6 month old lols (he was planned).

If its about priorities then maybe you need to take more time together to make your relationship a priority, maybe doing other stuff together more often will make her feel more like she wants it. Do you have young children, I know how ard it can be to put your relationship first when you have, it takes a bit of work but it is worth it.

Communication is the key! Talk to your wife about it!

Another in the communication camp.

i agree as well

Talking and discussing whats changed, either time, tiredness or inclination is the way forward. Communication is the key!

As Hella said, there are lots of factors that can affect libido. If it is just to do with priorities and not having enough time, talk to her and try to put some time aside for just the two of you. Even if you don't have sex it is important for any relationship to have quality time. Why not give her a relaxing back massage and see where things lead. The most important thing you can do is talk to her and find out what she is thinking x

i agree with everyone who thinks communication is the key 'cause it is.

talking is definatley the way forward here.

theres some excellent advice on the relate website which could give you ideas on how to approach the topic