Multipurpose lube?

Since I'm living in university accomodation, I have pretty limited space (especially in terms of where to hide stuff) so I want to minimise the amount I need to buy/the space that toys etc take up. It'll only get harder to hide things when I move back home for summer, especially if parents are helping me pack...

If I'm going to be using both anal and vaginal toys, would it be better to use anal or standard lube for both? Or do I just buy two bottles and find better hiding spaces? I know anal lube is thicker, but does that mean that it doesn't work well for vaginal play? Or buy normal lube and just use more of it for anal play?

I think this lube is great for all sorts.

Hello :)

I think that it would be easier to use one lubricant for everything. If anal is something you participate in, then I think getting an anal lubricant would be best.  It works well for any type of play. Just because it's labelled for anal use, doesn't mean that's all it can be used for. 

A couple of things to make sure of:

Check that it's water-based so it can be used with all toys.

Avoid lubes that contain glycerin/glycerine. It's not good for vaginas!

I think the suggestion for buying Anal lube is a really good one as while its perfect for anal toys it can be used in place of 'normal' lube unless you prefer lighter thinner lubes for non anal use you don't need two separate lubes

I agree with the suggestion to go with a water-based lube for anal play as it's probably as multipurpose as you can get. They will probably still work for vaginal play, unless you have a preference. Ditto avoiding glycerin for vaginas, and would add that some of the anal lubes seem to have numbing agents - I'd avoid that too. You can check them out here :)

I know that a lot a people use this anal lube as vaginal lube too. It's safe for both anuses and vaginas, it won't cause any irritation (unless you're allergic, whish is less probable). Sliquid is a great brand, and this lube is a thicker version than their original so it's perfect for any use

We use the Lovehoney flavoured lubes for absolutely everything xx