Was wondering if anyone had any experience in this and what they get out of it. I'm interested in being in a vac bed plus I have been wrapped tight in clingfilm and thoroughly enjoyed that experience.

What exactly do you want to know?

I enjoy being the 'wrapper' - as it leaves a person open to many vulnerabilities... I get a lot out of seeing my partner rendered useless and powerless to fight etc.

Well Ms HKM I like it but only from a being teased to full sex point of view. I like to be ridden whilst being totally unable to move. As for the vacuum bed I haven't had an opportunity to use on yet. Haven't really thought about what the wrapper gets from it.

I get most fetishes but this is one for the life of me I cannot fathom

@stu - vac beds aren't cheap but I've never heard of a bad review. Many clubs have them for anyone to try as they're fairly standard equip now... although I have my reservations about cleanliness....