Musturbation in a public place

Has anyone out there had a sneaky masturbate in a public place?

I think everyone has to be naughty sometimes

not yet :) talked about it though!

Its mindblowing :)

often encouraged the wife when she's a passanger in the car.

yes in car, at work, in the woods in front of hubby

rach74 - like the last one. might have to ask wife for that!

i hope you dont work in a restaurant!

i once was wanked off by a female work colleague as we sat at front desk during work hours

When me and my hubby were first together, before I passed my test, we often caught the bus and at the time the buses to the city center were big huge things, so he often had a blow job on the back of the bus! So much easier now we have a car ;)

in a shed today

Myself and an ex-girlfriend were waiting for her bus one day around 3pm, and it was really hot, so we went and sat in a small room to the side which was nice and cool.

I felt a hand grab mine and gently lure it to her crotch, where she looked at me with the most EVIL eyes, so we engaged in a bit of mutual mast :)

It was quite scary, but exciting, as anybody could have come in, thank god they didnt! x

not something i've really ever done. i'd probably be too scared of getting caught

the thought of being caught is what makes it exciting

Of course, I have done it in a car, while sunbathing naked on a field and in the woods. You just can't help yourself sometimes and why not just do it when nobody is around anyway?;)

to true i do quite often

I did it on the back of a bus many years ago when i was about 17.

hells yeah....needs must :-)

Omg yes bus and the odd telephone box lol well anywhere tbh when i was a lad .. these days not so much but mrs will give me a blow in the car or hand job sometimes or i will jack off occasionlyif ive had a stressfull day whilst driving on way home .. i have done it in back garden plenty of times and even in changing rooms in shops lol but always cleaned up after myself i might add ! And whilst waiting in my car in a carpark or roadside if theyve nipped in a shop or something is quite exciting ..not knowing how long uve got etc

Not really maturbated in a public place only in a shower at a gym while the cubicle door was closed so no one could see