Mutual introduction to sex toys

Ideas please
Suggestions for products that allow a gentle
Learning curve
My OH is quite unsure , so im looking at toys we can both enjoy ( she has reservations about anything internal ( for now )
But we’ve already agreed on blindfold play and massage
Help :grin:


A pebble vibrator is probably the least intimidating in terms of looks and can be used on the clitoris or on the glans of a penis.

This one is on offer at the moment.


How about a mini wand


Ordered the pebble

Maybe try out a small bullet vibrator too as can use it to tingle places on the body as well as inside :slightly_smiling_face:


It can help to go through the suggestions with your partner, I’d normally suggest going through the site but that could be overwhelming.

You could add a little extra spice with a Massage candle

This kit looks unthreatening and the satin and the tickler would feel nice on your skin. Are the massage and blindfold to be given and received by you both?

If your partner does decide down the line that she wants to try something internal, it helps to have a measuring tape handy so that she has a visual of the size. Have her measure you, so she has a reference point, you could make that fun :wink:


A bullet vibrator was my first choice as I was also very unsure. Works brilliantly for clitoral stimulation. She could try it herself or let you pleasure her. Would be a lovely accompaniment to the blindfold. :wink:


Lots of suggestions here for bullet vibrators, which are great, but also consider a clitoral suction stimulator such as

If she hasn’t used any toys before, this could open here eyes to some mind blowing orgasims and is much less intimidating (and probably way more effective) than a traditional dildo/vibrator.

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If your were to go with a suction toy like @bdubs suggested one of these may be a little less intimidating because if the shape and softer feel of it

It works better with a little line of your choice (saliva works just as well :wink:) and doesn’t leave you feeling like you can’t be touched afterwords either :heart_eyes:

Any type of wand or bullet are also great first toys.

Take a look at the mon ami LH selection perfect for those new to toys , the colours / designs etc


Another vote for the Mon Ami wand.
It’s not as big as a mains wand, so won’t be too daunting.
The vibrations can be pleasurable for both of you.
Start with massages, then move to areas for stimulation.

It’s a great 1st toy

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@Here4U Have you thought about a Vibrating Cock Ring? It’s something you could wear but it would also benefit your OH

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Great recommendation
Absolutely loved it
A great success and leaving us wanting more :grin:

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Another day another question
After the huge success of pebble and bullet for her
And after reading the forum ,im tempted but unsure about prostate massagers and or butt plugs for me ?
Any tips or suggestions as to where to begin
( i know i said SLOW ,but this buzz is fast becoming addictive) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Here4U I am/was new to plugs also. Just last month I went all in and I bought the we vibe vector. Happy with the fit for a first time user. Haven’t quite figured out the best vibrations for me yet. The outside it big enough that u can get some leverage on it to provide additional pressure and stimulate the prostate more. Only used it solo so far and only about 5 times. No worries about loosing this “up there” tho. :wink:

Thanks for replying
Theres so many out there its daunting
Dunno where to start
Not expecting the ground to shake :grin:
But would like something she can assist with ( after ive practiced of course

Already read it
And will start small …really want to involve us both in exploring these areas
And this place is great for advice so far …in fact its been fantastic in the few days since toys arrived
Its already like a new start :laughing:

As you’ve got the pebble and bullet try keeping your underwear on and using them to tickle your penis, balls, perineum and bum. :heartbeat:


The we vibe vector is indeed a premium product but the are others that have a similar shape. The girth is good for me. Stays put. However I do find I need to Warm up with a finger or two is necessary. Nothing extreme, just insert a single finger and leave for 5min to adjust a bit.

Decided to go with the bargain price booty buddy
Im aware its entry level ( pun intended)
But i want to experience the potential before committing to more