Mutual Masturbation. Turn on or off?

I can't belive how turned on I get watching my wife play with herself. Especially when she uses her rabbit. But I wonder if women feel the same watching wathcing their OH? When she moans... and her body stiffens... and she says 'I'm gonna cum'. Then about 30 seconds later she breathlessy repeats 'I'm cumming! I'm cumming' - It just blows my mind. Is that just a bloke thing? Or do you ladies get the same thrill the other way round?

I have had a few girlfriends in my time, all of them have enjoyed watching me. Having spoken to lots of women on similar forums, I find the general consensus is that women do like to watch. Obviously not all women will do, but over the year's it appears most do.

My wife definitely likes to watch and finds it a big turn on and will then happily play with her self, which is then a big turn on for me so then it ends up leading onto lots of other exciting things.

Big turn on, either watching each other masturbate or masturbating each other. I love the sounds and the expressions the OH make when she brings herself to orgasm with her rabbit.

Definitely a turn on for us

Definately a turn on with a partner. Leads to dirty talk and amazing moments...🤪

Yeah it is a turn on with a partner, great to watch there face while they cum, and the sound of them cumming does it for me. 💦

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Yes, a really really I timate and exciting thing to do. I've never finished I don't think, as it has always lead into full sex instead.... But it is hot!

Massive turn on. But agree with WildThing. Where's the self control? It's so hard!

My partner likes watching me play, too. In fact, he's quite fussy on what I use if he watches. Rabbits are "boring" according to him but big toys are a must see, lol. He says he loves having sex after I've used my toys and climaxed. Apparently, it feels different but in a good way.

Can't say I get much from watching him play with himself but that's just me. I wear a blindfold when he watches me so I can focus.

This is the biggest turn of for us and we love to wank together or watch each other or know each other has cum when we are not together. It takes my boyfriend a long time to cum so this is a great way I can have 2 or 3 orgams by the time he squirts.

Huge turn on. It is very common for us to incorporate it in a session.

Big turn on. I love watching my man and he loves playing with himself for me to watch. He loves to mix it up and has used a vibrator, lube, and butt plug as part of his ‘performance’. I love to be clothed with him naked as I feel empowered like this. We also switch around and he has to watch me.

I love using one of my toys on me while playing with his cock. When I'm done I'll concentrate on him - he's like an extra toy at times ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

yeah huge turn on for both of us - only regret i have is that we didnt do it years ago

She loves to watch

Sometimes she squeezes my balls or plays with my bum

Her favourite is me standing up and pouring baby oil over myself and scretching my balls down with one hand and pulling my cock with the other

Turn on. It's something I've done with all my partner's.

Nothing better seeing my partner playing with her rabbit

S&L* wrote:

Nothing better seeing my partner playing with her rabbit

Agreed, I love to see mine play with her toys, just play with herself or masturbate in any way, its a huge turn on. I think I'm lucky she has a high sex drive or feels like masturbating frequently so we have plenty of opportunity for this.