my first glass toys!!!!!

I have been thinking of getting glass toys for a while but today i got an email with the special offer on some of the glass toys at 2 for £20 so i couldnt resist. Cant wait im so excited!!!!!

Glass is v good indeed. Which ones did you order?

That is a brilliant offer! I hope you enjoy them :) xx

Glass rocks!

Will completely add a new dimension to your playing... enjoy ;-)

Glass is definitely amazing! Enjoy them :-)

I got this one:

and this one:

Oh i have the second one its great =D

I'm waiting for my first glass,too.It should come tomorrow.I've heard only good things,so I bet it will be pretty amazing.

I have never heard a bad thing about glass but I have to wait till monday

I got my first glass toy on Tuesday and love it. It looks beautiful and feels fantastic. Can't think how I mananaged without it.

I love glass as well ! i hope you enjoy them i'm sure you will:)

I have had only good reports and feedback on the Icicles range.

No. 5 would be my 1st suggestion:

I love glass one of my favourite toys these are my favourites

My all time fav is now discounted but its my go to toy when in a rush its the perfect toy -

SBAJ87 wrote:

I got this one:

and this one:

wow, they look magnificient! looking forward to reading your thoughts about those as we may be looking for something similar

I've got like 19 glass dildo's! I'd love to have them on show in a glass cabinet. Some are so preety with differnt colours and shapes x

Putting them on show would make for a stunning display but I imagine it might prompt a couple of uncomfortable questions from visitors :P

I've got my first one coming too- so excited! :)

I hope you enjoy. I love glass toys. A lot. I have small collection of them. Plus 2 ceramic and 1 metal.

You can't beat glass :) Glad you decided to go for it, hope you love yours as much as I do mine.

I must admit the one I bought is amazing with the ridges but the curved one was disappointing until I tried it anally then realised it was way better than any anal toys I have. I know its not specifically for anal but its always good to experiment.