My first orgasm... and we weren't alone

My boyfriend and I lived 130 miles apart at the time. When he visited we'd spend the time in my room as I didn't really get on with my flatmates.

We'd just been shopping and went to my room and climbed into my single, broken, lumpy bed to watch the film Hitch. We took our jeans off to be a little more comfortable.

The one flatmate that I liked knocked on the door. Unfortunately it didn't have a lock at the time, so she came in. She looked at the tv and said "Hitch! I've not seen this yet!" and plonked herself down on the floor. She was sat on our jeans, but totally oblivious. She's never really had a relationship, so she doesn't appreciate the need for "alone time".

I like turning my man on in public- it makes me feel powerful and sexy. I decided to start stroking his cock under the covers. To my surprise, he started stroking me back.

I'd never been interested masturbation and previous boyfriends did nothing to encourage the habit. But after a while this started feeling really good. My flatmate cluelessly watched the film as we were getting hot and heavy under the covers.

All of a sudden it felt so good I could take no more. My whole body went rigid which made me slide down the wall and into the bed. The arches of my feet ached (strange side effect that rarely happens now) and I tingled all over. To try and disguise what had just happened and to turn my red and breathless face away from my innocent flatmate, I turned to kiss my boyfriend to thank him.

My flatmate noticed the kiss and said "Get a room!"

You missed a chance there - you could've invited her to join in! :-)

I meant to add - if that was your first orgasm it was a horny way to experience it! Are you now an exhibitionist as a result?

Unfortunately not because I have body hang ups. And my boyfriend is shy. Once while having sex we could see two people watching us from outside. As soon as my boyfriend noticed he lost his.... "bottle"

I'm glad its not just me who has the foot ache orgasm side effect. I tend to tense mine up and jar them (I've even dislocated a toe in the past, because I had my foot braced against the blokes shoulder during oral- that was fun to pop back in...)


Do you get worried every time you orgasm, in case it's painful instead? :-O

Speaking about first orgasms - mine was on a playground slide when I was about six and I definitely wasn't alone. Didn't realise what was going on at the time of course.

Lol- it isn't really painful, it can just ache for a bit. But generally I fall into the good old sex coma and don't really notice. :)

My first orgasm was caused by a rectal thermometer. I didn’t know what this wonderful feeling was at the time but the two student nurses repeated the operation three days running.