My Magic wand is in need of a repair

I use my wands with male attachments and upon taking the attachment off the head of the lovehoney wand popped off. It looked like it was glued on with a thin strip of glue.

I don’t have any glue or silicone around the house, one thing I do have is velcro which I can stick on top of the wand and inside the head. I don’t know how well it will hold as taking off the attachment can pull on the head a bit. I may have use a tiny bit of lube so its comes off easier with out pulling too much.

Any other suggestions?

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I’m not familiar with the wand but guessing it’s a plastic cover that has come off? Only thing with using Velcro is the double thickness of it I would imagine it would leave a gap at the bottom of the cover. Sorry not much help

Awww David I wish I had a magic wand to fix your magic wand. Maybe try LH live chat or give them a phone. Hope you get it sorted, have a fun Saturday :blush:


Looks like glue to be ordered in

Depending on what’s come off, some glue or epoxy should do the job.

Very much depends on the break/what has come off.

Super glue doesnt bond to all surfaces.

If you’re confident at repairing it, once nice and clean, Epoxy (Araldite) would make a permanent fix.

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