My mysterious package

Hi guys,
I'm not sure whether this is the right place but here goes, just a little insight into what has turned out to be a fairly exciting day...
This morning I was awoken by the doorbell (which for some reason sounds like the horn of a steam train) I wasn't expecting a package so I didn't immediately jump to get the door because I thought that for once I would like to have a lie in, after a minute I heard one of my housemates get up, releaved I went back to sleep.
When I got out of bed I walked down to the kitchen and saw a familiar brown box addressed to me on the hallway dresser so I picked it up a little bemused and went straight to get a knife to open it.
Once open, inside the box I found some lacy black suspender boyshorts, a lacy black front clasp bra (one I've wanted for months but always seemed to be out of stock) and a 50 Shades of Grey USB vibrator.
I immidiately lit up and was a little taken aback thinking it was a late additional birthday present/ spontaneous suprise missing you present from my boyfriend. I even messaged him to say thank you and check whether it was from him but living in ehat might as well be the North pole, in the middle of nowhere with no signal the message seemingly got lost in the void.
Later on I mentioned the gift in passing to a friend and jokingly said I don't even know that it's definitely from my boyfriend as he's never done that before, saying that it could be from a complete stranger and I wouldn't know, he then convinced me to double check that it was in fact from my boyfriend.
I messaged him again and he has absolutely no knowledge of the package - I kept saying that he's a terrible liar and I refuse to believe him until the novelty of the situation runs out and I 100% believe it's not from him. I text a couple of friends who claim no knowledge and none of them, including my boyfriend on second thought actually know my current address and very few people know that I'm currently staying here at the moment... I would begin to worry if either my mum or my Nana sent me such intimate presents and my list of possible gifters is running out.
Then it hits me, where other than Lovehoney would you find people lovely enough to send complete strangers gifts which brighten up their day in such a unique way.

I would like to thank whichever Lovehoney fairy sent me these presents. I would be immensely grateful if you would please like to let me know who you are so that I can thank you properly (and double check that they're definitely not from my creepy housemate) but either way I would just like to say a massive thank you, I'm struggling through a really hard time at the moment and your generosity has touched me, thoroughly entertained me and completely brightened up what has so far been a really tough week :)

Much Love

That is such a lovely note, I love the positive energy of this community.

I'm glad you liked them, I just thought it would be nice to cheer you up with a little unexpected gift.

Thats lovley, and so generous Fun Louise! If i had a mystry parcel i think i would question my partner first. If he did send me a surprise parcel i do not think he would be able to keep it a secret though!


Ahhh fab, that's a lovely pressie!! Have fun ;)

Fun Louise wrote:

I'm glad you liked them, I just thought it would be nice to cheer you up with a little unexpected gift.

Awwww you are so kind and generous

Such an awesome story

Fun Louise wrote:

I'm glad you liked them, I just thought it would be nice to cheer you up with a little unexpected gift.

Thank you so much! Such a lovely present, I love them!!! :) You really made my day and it thoroughly entertained us trying to work out who they were from ;)

That is such a lovely thing to do 😊😊😊 x

Lovely story my hubby would never send me sexy things.

omg so generous whta a nice thing to do !

Awww that's such a nice thing to do x

How generous !x

I never expected to make such a big impact with a pair of knickers a bra and a bullet.

im so pleased you liked the gift.